Mudvayne - Forget To Remember [musics video]

Download it here. (right click, save link/target as)

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This is life

A guy bought a new fridge for his house.

To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying, "Free to good home. You want it, you take it."

For three days, the fridge sat there without even one person looking twice at it.

He eventually decided that people were skeptical about such a good deal, so he changed the sign to read, "Fridge for sale, $50."

The next day, someone stole it.

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New Google toolbar for IE

BetaNews | Google Betas New Browser Toolbar:
Google on Monday released a beta version of its new toolbar for Internet Explorer, complete with an enterprise edition that simplifies network installation and searching a corporate network. Google Toolbar 4 adds the ability for users to create Custom Buttons for Web sites they visit often.

Through the Custom Buttons feature, a user can search any site they please, along with integrating an RSS feed as headlines in a dropdown menu. According to Google Toolbar developer Othman Laraki, it only takes a few seconds to make a new button. "And don't miss some of the other cool features for everyone: a greatly-improved search box for formulating better queries; a streamlined bookmarking interface; and Send-To, for posting or sending content via Gmail, Blogger or SMS," Laraki added.
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Winamp 5 Full 5.13 Released!

Winamp 5 Full 5.13 has been released.

For more details, visit:

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How a Boomerang works

How a Boomerang works:

Boomerangs were the world's first heavier than air flying machines, used most famously by the Australian Aborigines, but also found in other ancient cultures in Egypt, stone age Europe and the Indian Sub Continent. No-one knows how they were first invented and even though they look simple, they use a very complex combination of physics and aerodynamics to perform their amazing returning flights.

A returning boomerang is basically two wings joined at an angle of between 80o and 120o, although it can have more than two wings. The wings are arranged so they work best when the boomerang is rotating rather than flying straight like an aeroplane. The combination of spin with forward motion causes uneven lift on the wings because at any given time, one wing is rotating forward in the same direction as the flight, while the other is rotating backwards, against the direction of flight. This means the air flow over the wing on one side of the disk of rotation has a higher airspeed than the other wing and so generates more lift. The uneven lift tries to tip the boomerang over, but just like leaning a moving bike over makes it turn, the boomerang's spin twists the tipping force at right angles and gives the boomerang a curving flight. Another tipping force, caused by the centre of lift being forward of the centre of gravity, is also twisted to make the boomerang "lie down" in flight. The name for both these twisting motions is gyroscopic precession. The illustration above shows how it all comes together to make the boomerang fly in a circle and (given some skill) come back.
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'69 Pontiac GTO

'69 Pontiac GTO

Uploaded by fullfilth on 28 Jan '06, 11.23pm MYT.

SERIES NAME: 2005 First Editions
YEAR: 2005

BODY COLOR: Gloss Black
BASE TYPE: Plastic
TAMPO: Yellow & Red Pinstripes
COUNTRY: Malaysia

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Google video's car crash collection

More video:
Yellow Corvette flips at the strip
Bomboca & Tas Na Boa Car Crash (Rally Action)
Drifter clips a bank and rolls it
Fireball crash on a wet track in Japan
Bus accident caused by a car
He should of worn a seatbelt....
Speeding car takes out some bikers
Classic pick-up gets flattened

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Racing game by zefrank

Click image to play.

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Google Friends Newsletter - January 2006

Esteemed readers, our warmest new year's greetings to you from all of us at the Googleplex. We hope you enjoy this fresh batch of news and updates on Google services. At the bottom of this message, you'll find details on subscribing to or canceling this newsletter.

Meet the product guides
Reporters find them useful, and you might too. We publish a variety of reviewer's guides to selected Google products on the Google Press Center. These contain overviews of specific features and setup steps (if needed). We add new ones or update them, so check back now and again.

We're feeling festive
You might spot a visual theme now and again in some of our contextual ads - it's a subtle way to highlight a special day or season, and we plan to feature thematic graphics for holidays throughout the year. Read more about our first holiday ads in December on the Google Blog.

Google Personalized Homepage for mobile
Take your Google homepage with you. Now you can access your Google Personalized Homepage selections (Gmail message previews, news headlines, weather, stock, movie showtimes, plus your pick of web content via feed) in a format that's friendly to the small screen.

Google Earth for the Mac
Macintosh fans let us know they were keen to see the whole Earth too, and now it's available as a beta service for (as Mac fanatics used to say) the rest of us, so that Mac and PC users can all enjoy zooming in, measuring routes and lots more.

Google Video store
Our Google Video uploader program has encouraged the submission of thousands of clips from videomakers of all kinds. Now Google Video is enhanced with a store where you can buy or rent current and classic episodes of thousands of hours of video, including CBS programs, games from the NBA, music videos - even entire movies - and watch them using the new Google Video player. Special bonus: Watch a webcast (or read the transcript) of our co-founder Larry Page's keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, where he unveiled the new Google Video. (January 6)

Google Pack
Google Pack is a free collection of essential software to help you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more. We put it together with a number of software companies like Adobe and Symantec to help take the hassle out of downloading, installing, and updating software that helps you have a better web experience. You can download and install the entire Google Pack in just a few clicks. And the included Google Updater helps you discover new programs and keep your current software up to date.

Personalized Search: Trends
Trends are a new way to look at the searches you've done on Google. To use Trends, you need to have Personalized Search turned on and be signed in to your Google Account. You'll see graphs and lists detailing your own search activity, including top searches, most-visited websites, daily activity by hour and other interesting tidbits. If no Trends appear, just check back in a couple of days.

The 2005 Year-End Zeitgeist
Every week, and every month, and once a year, we take a close look at the search trends we see thanks to millions of queries that Google users make using our service. What is top of mind? What do people really want to know about, and when? Sometimes we know why - celebrity gossip is always popular, and sports wins, as is the passing of the famous -- but sometimes we don't. (Human nature still has its mysteries, after all.) Our annual look back at the year in search queries covers topics both serious and fun, and in 2005 we studied the trends of selected searches in a graphical format. We don't make hard and fast conclusions so much as we marvel at the volume of curiosity that builds from each word typed into a white box on a plain page.

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Watch "dumbest dog youll ever see" on Google Video

Click to watch: dumbest dog youll ever see.

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New mug technologies

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Dad's kid

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Yahoo mail offer "dot" in addresses

Yahoo! Mail Beta Updates � Get in on the mad rush for new “dot” addresses:
Ever dreamed of the perfect Yahoo! Mail address? One that mirrors your personality? Your passion? Your hair color? Or maybe just the name your mother gave you at birth?

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve just opened up new “dot” addresses to all Mail users. Now get an extra email address like or or It’s absolutely free. Use it just as you would your primary address (which of course you can still use). To make things handy, even use one Inbox to send and receive messages to and from both addresses. But hurry, the good names are going fast!
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Tribute to white tiger

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Google video redesign

Click image to visit Google video.

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Google News Finally Leaves Beta

BetaNews | Google News Finally Leaves Beta:
After over three years, Google News is finally leaving its beta status behind and becoming a fully launched product. The site, which aggregates news stories from across the globe automatically, is available in 22 regional editions and 10 languages. With the graduation from beta, Google has added a feature that recommends stories based on previously read subjects.

"We've also added a section to show you the most popular stories in the Google News edition you are viewing (e.g., U.S.). Now you can see the top stories being published by editors across the web, as well as other stories popular with readers, plus topics that you track or are interested in -- all on one page," said Google News creator Krishna Bharat.
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Dieting Inmate Who Slipped Jail Recaptured - Yahoo! News

Dieting Inmate Who Slipped Jail Recaptured - Yahoo! News:
SYDNEY, Australia - A prison inmate who shed 31 pounds so he could escape through a narrow hole in a wall has been recaptured after three days on the run in Sydney, the prison department said Sunday.

Robert Cole, 36, who was serving time for sex offenses and armed robbery, escaped from a hospital wing of Sydney's Long Bay Jail on Wednesday through 6-inch wide hole he had chiseled in the brickwork beside a window frame. He had been undergoing treatment for a psychiatric illness.

He reportedly managed to escape by reducing his weight to 123 pounds by taking laxatives.

He was recaptured in a Sydney shopping mall Saturday disguised with a beard drawn on his face with a pen, The Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported.

Corrective Services Department spokeswoman Candace Sutton on Sunday confirmed Cole had been recaptured and was being held in a maximum security facility in Goulburn Prison, 124 miles southwest of Sydney.

He will appear in a Sydney court on Jan. 30 either in person or by video link from prison charged with escape, Sutton said.

It was not clear how much more of his original sentence Cole still had to serve, nor what penalty he faced on the escape charge.
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MAY - Live & Unplugged at Planet '05 (full album mp3)

MAY - Live & Unplugged at Planet '05

Disc 1
  1. Interview
  2. Sendat & Ketat
  3. Jiwa Karat
  4. Pelayaran
  5. Penghuni Kota
  6. Graffiti
  7. Dari Kaca Mata
  8. Mai Pen Rai
  9. Sinar

Disc 2
  1. Wira Cyborg (ft Yantzen)
  2. Meniti Suratan (Yantzen)
  3. Siapa Kau (Lagu Baru)
  4. Hakikat Perjuangan
  5. Gadis Bertudung Putih
  6. Sketsa Sebuah Cinta
  7. Ku Dalam Dilema
  8. Sendiri
  9. Cintamu Mekar Di Hati (ft Mus)

~download: Disc 1, Disc 2
~password: fullfilth
~more mp3
~request mp3

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Liv Kristine's - Fake a Smile (video)

LEAVES' EYES/ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY frontwoman Liv Kristine's video for her new single, "Fake a Smile", has been posted online at Download it here (28 MB).

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