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Hattan - Masterpiece - Sebuah Tribute Untuk Ramli Sarip - 2007 (full album mp3)

  1. Hattan - Zakiah (4:00)
  2. Hattan - Keliru (rapping Oleh Dry Ice) (4:42)
  3. Hattan - Istilah Bercinta (feat. Ruffedge) (5:58)
  4. Hattan - Datang Dan Pergi (5:38)
  5. Hattan - Hilang Gelap Timbul Terang (5:02)
  6. Hattan - Jikalau Berkasih (5:02)
  7. Hattan - Kau Yang Satu (5:02)
  8. Hattan - Kita Insan Biasa (feat. Kat Mentor) (4:54)
  9. Hattan - Cinta Pura-Pura (4:27)
  10. Hattan - Bukan Kerna Nama (feat. Ramli Sarip) (5:32)


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Woman has bullet taken from head 64 years on

Woman has bullet taken from head 64 years on:
BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese woman's 64-year-old headache has ended after doctors removed a bullet that relatives said lodged in her skull when Japanese soldiers shot her during World War Two, state media reported on Monday.

Jin Guangying, now 77, lost consciousness after a Japanese patrol in Jiangsu province fired on her in 1943 as she went to meet her grandfather, a guerrilla fighter, the Beijing News said.

"When she came to, her head was wrapped in a bandage and she never realized there was a bullet lodged deep in her head," the paper said.

Later, she would regularly have headaches, foam at the mouth and "talk nonsense... like she had gone mad," the paper said.

Jin's family had thought her symptoms were due to a tumor, the paper said, quoting Wang Zhengping, the woman's daughter.

"Because our family was poor, we were never able to have her taken for a thorough check-up," Wang said.

A military expert in Nanjing, the Jiangsu capital, had identified the bullet as one used by Japanese soldiers at that time, the newspaper said.

Jin's relatives planned to seek redress for her more than 60 years of suffering.

"As her children, we will soon go to Nanjing to consult with relevant experts as to how to seek compensation from the Japanese government, and will definitely be seeking a public apology," the paper quoted Wang as saying.
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Prisoner posts himself to freedom

Prisoner posts himself to freedom:
A convicted fraudster escaped from a high security jail in Germany after climbing into a cardboard box and posting himself to freedom.

Max Friedener, 28, escaped from prison in Darmstadt after hiding in the box in the mailroom. He escaped from the mail van as it was driving away.

The escape was only noticed when the mail truck arrived at the sorting depot and the hole in the box was spotted.

It is the second time a convict has earned a ticket to ride by using the mail system.

Only last month a convict in neighbouring Austria escaped from Graz prison by posting himself out in a large box that was supposed to contain lamp post parts. Both escapees are still at large.

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It's a fact! (games)

Play "It's a fact" here.

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Train kills man trying to kill woman

ABC News: Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman:
A man trying to kill his girlfriend by stopping a car in front of an approaching train was himself killed Monday when the train hit the vehicle and launched it into him as he tried to flee, police said.

The girlfriend survived.

The man drove the car in front of a group of other vehicles stopped at a railroad crossing in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Sunland, Officer Mike Lopez said.

The driver, who was seen arguing with his girlfriend, parked the car on the tracks and jumped out, leaving her behind, Lopez said.

A northbound commuter train hit the rear of the car, hurling it into the man. The girlfriend was taken to the hospital, where she was in stable condition, Lopez said.

"She gets hit by a train and lives. He gets hit by his own car and he dies," Lopez said. [more]
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