RM5,000 discount for Protons in trade-in deal

RM5,000 discount for Protons in trade-in deal:

"PETALING JAYA: All Proton models can now be bought at a RM5,000 discount under the national car-maker’s scrapping programme.

Proton said in a statement yesterday that the Proton Xchange programme now offered the Saga and Persona at a RM5,000 discount, in return for cars older than 10 years.

These models, and a RM1,000 free servicing voucher, were added following the announcement in the mini-budget on Tuesday.

The other Proton models customers can buy include the Savvy, Gen-2, Satria Neo, Perdana and Waja.

The cars to be traded in have to be registered in Malaysia with a valid road tax, in working condition and fully paid for.

Proton said there had been about 300 orders per month since they launched the programme in November 2007.

The announcement in the mini-budget said the Government would help finance some of the RM5,000 being paid to car owners."

Makin banyak la Proton di jalanraya lepas ni.

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