How do I update my twitter

There is a lot of way you can update twitter, here is my list:
  1. (no 1 in the list but actually this is last option)
  2. DestroyTwitter (you need Adobe Air to use this software)
  3. (web base like but with more functionality like ability to retweet)
  4. Nambu - iPhone application that I discover few hours ago. This application will kill Twitterrific and other iPhone Twitter apps. Search it at App Store / iTunes
  5. tweet.IM - add twitter bot to your Google Talk, you will receive update there and you can update your status there.
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paan said...

jarang gila aku update twitter aku.hahaha

mel said...

waa.... dah lupakan twitterific... tak suka sbb selalu mengejutkan time wat keje kt opis.. menganggu konsentrasi.. dah block.. huhu

shezorro said...

ya, im just using and the lecehness part is, i need to refresh the web oftenly.

ps; im following u! :)

Anonymous said...

@paan twitter ko ape? update aa selalu best!
@mel jgn la set notification kat gtalk tu
@shezorro tq2

mel said...

set notification ape boss? kan nnt kuar window chatting tu? boleh ke jd tak kuar?

@shezorro folllow la sy gak.. huhu

Anonymous said...

windows chat tu mmg akan keluar. nk kena suggest snooze function tu