Making Broadband Pay - Mohd Awang Lah, JARING Communications Sdn Bhd CEO

In this first part, Dr Mohd Awang Lah, the CEO of JARING Communications Sdn Bhd, discusses which is its most profitable business and its move into the corporate sector, which is now 90 percent of business. He also talks about which sector is most profitable now. He also discusses house broadband penetration. And whether JARING itself is profitable and for that matter, self sufficient. He also discusses the possibility of a merger with TimeDotCom, or that it may be spun off and listed on the stock exchange.

In this second part, Dr Mohd Awang Lah, the CEO of JARING Communications Sdn Bhd, discusses the possibility of its building an alternative high speed broadband network. He also talks about the possibility of broadband costs falling as new infrastructure is built and spends more time on broadband penetration targets in Malaysia. He also talks about the wireless broadband project in Ipoh.


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