Di hospital Putrajaya

Di hospital Putrajaya, originally uploaded by Faizal Rahman.

Petang semalam melawat mak Mel.


mylias said...

Is there a standard design of hospital bed placement (and maintenance) in Malaysia? Putrajaya Hospital seems to be of high standard, why not use that hospital as the benchmark for the design of all hospital bed placement in Malaysia? Roomy, spacious (and clean).

@tune® said...

melawat bakal mak mertua??

smoga mak mel sihat selalu

Wan Saupi Wan Ishak aka suami org said...

almost all the new hospital.. like sungai buloh, serdang and fews under construction and design, putrajaya as new benchmark for the most facilities and spaces.

I participate as atema member to design new hospital kota bharu (daycare unit and clinic as acckb) can go to http://ACCKB.blogspot.com as reference.