Google Friends Newsletter - October 2006


Get ready to vote

November 7th is election day across the U.S., and now's the time to get informed about all the Congressional races. The Google Earth team has gathered information on every candidate running for office from all 436 congressional districts. You can find this geo-reference guide in the "2006 US Election Guide" folder in the Google Earth Layers sidebar.



Google Docs & Spreadsheets

October marked the graduation of a product from Google Labs and a marriage of sorts: Writely, the web word processor, and Google
Spreadsheets are now available under one name, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, and now share a common look and feel. You still have all the features of both, with the added benefit of being able to access files for the two in one convenient location. You can create, store, share and publish your documents and spreadsheets online, which means you can access your files from any computer with a web browser. It's easy to get to your saved files and collaborate with friends, classmates and coworkers.

Google for Educators

Teachers tell us they use Google for the classroom, so we've pulled together a big batch of resources in one handy place for K-12 teachers. Google for Educators offers lesson ideas and resources for everything from collaborative writing with Google Docs & Spreadsheets to searching the full text of out-of-print books with Google Book Search or to drawing in 3D with Google SketchUp. Teachers can test out some of our ideas in the classroom, then submit your own. You can share your expertise with fellow educators by sending your story to We'd love to feature it at Google for Educators.

Google Groups 3 Beta

The newest version of Google Groups has a slicker, cleaner interface and offers lots of new features. Now it's possible to customize your groups with colors and photos, upload and share documents, and even create and collaborate on web pages right inside your group. Come see your existing group in the new interface, or create a new group.

And by the way, you can even view and share this newsletter using Google Groups 3 Beta.

Google Maps for your Palm Treo

A top requested feature of Google Maps for mobile is now available: Google Maps on your Palm OS Treo. This is our fastest version yet, and it includes some Treo-specific features too: quicker start-up time, maps you can drag with your stylus, transluscent bubbles and tool tips that don't obscure the map. Don't have a Treo? We support over 350 other phones too.

$10 off through Google Checkout

For the remainder of October, save $10 when you make purchases of $30 or more through Google Checkout. A large number of stores are participating, and there's plenty to buy. See all the stores at the link below to make a safe and speedy purchase.



+ Google Student Speakout -- for teachers and students +

Through recent films like "An Inconvenient Truth," people are becoming more knowledgeable about global warming, but there's always more to learn. We think it's an important topic for all ages to study and discuss. Together with Global SchoolNet, we've organized a Global Warming Student Speakout, and welcome teachers to engage students to work together on this subject. The Speakout is a 1-2 day project that could result in your students' ideas appearing in a November edition of The Washington Post. Interested teachers must sign up for a Google Docs & Spreadsheet account by November 3 (please be sure to list "Google" as a collaborator), and then submit the collective ideas of your students no later than November 7th. Our partners at Global SchoolNet will judge all the entries, and the top 50 ideas will be posted online and in a Washington Post ad, along with the names of every participating school.

+ Google Gadget Awards -- for university and college students + *

Attention, university and college students! If you're procrastinating on your studies, and want to dabble in some fun web design, Google
Gadgets may provide a little relief. It's easy to create a gadget for the Google Gadget Awards - and we're looking for clever and creative
entries from university and college students across the U.S. No prerequisite courses are required, either -- just an email address
ending in .edu. We have a distinguished panel of judges who'll be judging across all categories from the "prettiest gadget" to the
"gagdet most likely to get you a date." How often do you get to be awarded by Commander Taco of Slashdot or Chris Anderson, Wired
Magazine's Editor in Chief? And of course any gadgets you create are automatic resume-boosters, too.

* The legal fine print:

No Purchase Necessary. Contest open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia 16 or older. Entrants must be enrolled as full or part time students in a university, college or vocational school and be the authorized account holder of an email address ending in edu. Contest begins August 23, 2006 and ends November 1, 2006. Entry constitutes acceptance of and agreement to be bound by official rules available here. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View , CA 94043.

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Anti-tank dog

Anti-tank dogs, also known as dog mines, were starving dogs with explosives harnessed to their back and trained to seek food under enemy tanks and armored vehicles. By doing so, a small wooden lever would be tripped, detonating the explosives.

The dogs were employed by the Soviet Union during World War II, to be used against German tanks. The dogs would be starved, then trained to find food under a tank. The dogs quickly learned that being released from their pens meant to run out to where a tank was parked and find some victuals. Once trained, the dogs would be fitted with an explosive charge and set loose into a field of oncoming German tanks. When the dog went underneath the tank—where there was less amour—the charge would detonate and gut the enemy vehicle.

Realization of that plan was less successful. The Hundeminen, as they were called by the Germans, had been trained using Soviet tanks, and would sometimes be loosed into a battle only to turn round and attack the Soviets' own forces. Other times the dogs would spook at the rumble of a vehicle's engine and run away.

Despite the problems, the anti-tank dogs were successful at disabling a reported three hundred German tanks. They were enough of a problem to the Nazi advance that the Germans were compelled to take measures against them. An armored vehicle's top-mounted machine gun proved ineffective due to the relatively small size of the attackers and the fact that they were low to the ground, fast, and hard to spot. Orders were dispatched that commanded every German soldier to shoot any dogs on sight, for fear they might be rabid. Eventually the Germans began using tank-mounted flame-throwers to ward off the dogs. They were much more successful at dissuading the attacks—but some dogs would not stop, neither for fear of the fire nor of being burned.

However, in 1942 one use of the anti-tank dogs went seriously awry when a large contingent of anti-tank dogs ran amok, endangering everyone in the battle and forcing the retreat of an entire Soviet division. Soon afterward the anti-tank dogs were withdrawn from service.

Training of anti-tank dogs continued until at least June 1996 (Zaloga et al 1997:72).

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Pimp my tortoise

Pimp my tortoise:
Tina the tortoise has been given a lift after being fitted with a suspension system and a pneumatic tyre to help her cope with muddy terrain.

The three-legged reptile can now go 'off-road' after the 4x4-style system was attached to her shell.

Tina was fitted with a plastic wheel four years ago to replace her rear right leg.

But our increasingly warmer autumns mean Tina hibernates later in the year, leaving her battling to cope with muddy grass and slopes and dead leaves.

So the rudimentary wheel has now been replaced with an air-filled tyre and a spring suspension system with shock absorber.

Speedy Tina can now explore areas of her enclosure at Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, which have been out of bounds to her in the past.

The spur thigh tortoise was donated to Longleat in 2002 when she seemed to be depressed because of her lack of maneuverability.

She rapidly recovered when the plastic wheel was fitted but it wore out and buckled over time as she tried to access rougher parts of her enclosure.

The new wheel and suspension system were made for Tina by model maker Simon England, from Frome, Somerset.

The large rubber wheel and adapted axle were stuck on to Tina's shell with an animal friendly adhesive.

Darren Beasley, the animal's carer at Longleat, said: 'The new system is incredible and allows Tina to go all over the place. She is one of the oldest tortoises we have here at Longleat but you would never know it. She is now among the fastest and certainly making the most of the warm weather prior to hibernating. And she can cope with any terrain – it's amazing.'

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Ford iosis X concept 2006

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Exam philosophy

An eccentric philosophy professor gave a one question final exam after a semester dealing with a broad array of topics.

The class was already seated and ready to go when the professor picked up his chair, plopped it on top of his desk and wrote on the board:

"Using everything we have learned this semester, prove that this chair does not exist."

Fingers flew, erasers erased, notebooks were filled in furious fashion.

Some students wrote over 30 pages in one hour attempting to refute the existence of the chair.

One member of the class however, was up and finished in less than a minute.

Weeks later when the grades were posted, the rest of the group wondered how he could have gotten an "A" when he had barely written anything at all.

His answer consisted of two words:


"What chair?"

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Double Wires (flash games)

Addictive. Play it here.

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What Happens to Your body if you stop smoking right now?

Healthbolt � What Happens to Your body if you stop smoking Right now?:
I think one of the main reasons it’s so hard to quit smoking is because all the benefits of quitting and all the dangers of continuing seem very far away. Well, here’s a little timeline about some of the more immediate effects of quitting smoking and how that will affect your body RIGHT NOW.

* In 20 minutes your blood pressure will drop back down to normal.
* In 8 hours the carbon monoxide (a toxic gas) levels in your blood stream will drop by half, and oxygen levels will return to normal.
* In 48 hours your chance of having a heart attack will have decreased. All nicotine will have left your body. Your sense of taste and smell will return to a normal level.
* In 72 hours your bronchial tubes will relax, and your energy levels will increase.
* In 2 weeks your circulation will increase, and it will continue to improve for the next 10 weeks.
* In three to nine months coughs, wheezing and breathing problems will dissipate as your lung capacity improves by 10%.
* In 1 year your risk of having a heart attack will have dropped by half.
* In 5 years your risk of having a stroke returns to that of a non-smoker.
* In 10 years your risk of lung cancer will have returned to that of a non-smoker.
* In 15 years your risk of heart attack will have returned to that of a non-smoker.

So, you have more immediate things to look forward to if you quit now besides just freaking out about not being able to smoke.
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Pong 2.0 (flash games)

A simple, cool version of pong with some nice effects and neat physics.
Very addictive. Play it here!

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The Darkness - Love Is Only A Feeling

The first flush of youth was upon you when our eyes first met
And I knew that to you and into your life I had to get
I felt light-headed at the touch of this stranger's hand
An assault my defenses systematically fail to withstand

'Cause you came at a time
When the pursuit of one true love in which to fall
Was the be-all and end-all
Love is only a feeling
Drifting away
When I'm in your arms I start believing
It's here to stay
But love is only a feeling

Oh, the state of elation that this unison of hearts achieved
I had seen, I had touched, I had tasted and I truly believed

That the light of my life
Would tear a hole right through each cloud that scudded by
Just to beam on you and I

Love is only a feeling
Drifting away
When I'm in your arms I start believing
It's here to stay
But love is only a feeling
Anyway, anyway

Love is only a feeling
Drifting away
And we've got to stop ourselves believing
It's here to stay
'Cause love is only a feeling

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Salam Aidil Fitri 2006


Dikesempatan ini saya nak mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua yg tersinggah atau mmg pengunjung setia blog cari makan nih. Maaf Zahir & Batin.

p/s:cilok gambo anak buah :D

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Bloodshed - Srikandi Cintaku (lirik + mp3)

Dingin malam tirai kenanganku
Menyerlahkan sekurun ingatan
Terciptalah rimba kehidupan
Percintaan dalam perjuangan

Kesetiaan sebagai bekalan
Bisikan penuh pengharapan
Tiada garis dapat memisahkan
Segalanya kudratMu Tuhan

Alam bagai mengerti
Segala yang terjadi
Embun menitis panas simpati
Pertemuan tiada awal akhir

Perutusan berdarah ku terima
Gugur kuntum di tengah halaman
Medan ini kurasakan sepi
Terpaku pilu

Ku semaikan pepohon kemboja
Yang bunganya adalah hati ku
Semadilah dalam kedamaian
Semangatku tetap bersamamu

Kan kuusung oh! jenazah cinta
Semadikan nisan kasih suci
Semangatmu tetap bersamaku
Selama pasti

Debu malam meragut kenangan
Menyedarkan dari lamunanku
Percintaan dalam perjuangan
Kau abadi Srikandi Cintaku


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NG - Photo of the Day

Click to enlarge
Arctic Bay, Baffin Island, Canada, 1996
Photograph by Nick Caloyianis

Two young sled dogs sleep off their meal of fresh, though toxic, Greenland shark. Hours after eating such a meal, dogs appear inebriated and have difficulty standing up thanks to the strong neurotoxins found in the shark’s flesh.

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81-year-old man faces prison time for drug conviction

81-year-old man faces prison time for drug conviction:
OLYMPIA, Wash. -- An 81-year-old man faces up to 12 years in prison after being convicted of selling methamphetamine and crack cocaine to confidential informants in 2004 and 2005.

Calvin D. Ott wore headphones hooked up to a microphone in court on Friday so he could better hear the jury's verdict.

Ott will get at least two years added onto whatever sentence he receives this week because a jury found that he sold meth within 1,000 feet of a school bus stop in Lacey.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Don Smith said Ott is the oldest drug dealer he's encountered.

"My experience in the whole criminal justice system is that people tend to stop with their criminal activity as they mature and get older," Smith said.

A Thurston County Superior Court jury convicted Ott of one count each of unlawful delivery of methamphetamine and unlawful delivery of cocaine. Ott also was convicted of one count each of possession of cocaine and possession of methamphetamine.

The jury acquitted Ott of a single count of bail-jumping, a charge stemming from Ott's failure to appear at a court hearing.

The drug charges stemmed from two cases. In one monitored by Lacey police, Ott sold meth to an informant during a controlled buy in 2004, prosecutors said. In the other, monitored by Olympia police, an informant came to Ott's home in Olympia in 2005 and bought crack cocaine.

At trial, Ott maintained that the Lacey informant was mad at him and must have hidden drugs in her car before telling police Ott sold them to her, and that the Olympia informant also was mad at him, because Ott had accused her of burglarizing his home.
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Perutusan Dari Malaya: Iklan (Entri Terbaru Berada DI Bawah Harap Maklum)

Perutusan Dari Malaya: Iklan (Entri Terbaru Berada DI Bawah Harap Maklum):

Iklan (Entri Terbaru Berada DI Bawah Harap Maklum)

Lahirnya ini bukan pencetus revolusi. Bukan letusan ide. Bukan letupan amarah. Tetapi lahirnya ini, untuk menambah rasa gejolak resah, penambah sekam untuk bara, satu lagi suis keamanan. Kita berperang hari hari, dengan asap, bunyi, bau, gas, tulisan, suara dan jalur optik kaca. - kingbinjai

Narayuda bilangan 1/edisi rayapuasa bakal terbit. Sudah boleh membuat tempahan dari sekarang! Untuk tujuan penempahan sila hubungi :

kingbinjai :
(Sila nyatakan nama, alamat, nombor telefon dan cara pembelian yang dikehendaki)

Cara Pembelian :
1. Serahan tangan dan pos biasa : RM5.00
2. Pos ekspress : RM5 RM2
3. Luar negara : RM5 ikut kadar negara tersebut.

Ya! Ya! Belilah tanda sokongan anda kepada kami. Dan sokongan dalam memantap dan memeriahkan dunia penulisan melayu yang amat kurang ini. Sebarang kekurangan bolehlah dikemukan di blog rasmi : dan kami akan perbaikinya nanti pada edisi ke 2 dan seterusnya. Ingat! dapatkan yang asli! Cepat! Cepat! Cetakan amat terhad! Siapa dapat memilikinya pasti menjadi kegilaan ramai!
p:s/tolong dapatkan segera stok terhad, lepas raya takut tinggal serdak je nnt :-P

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Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Google Docs & Spreadsheets:
Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Writely and Google Spreadsheets have come together!

  • A combined list of documents and spreadsheets
    You can see, create, and share all of your web-based documents and spreadsheets in one place. As your collection grows, you can manage and find them using tags, stars, and searches. Learn more
    A combined list of documents and spreadsheets

  • A new interface for Google Docs & Spreadsheets
    The document and spreadsheet editors now share the same UI, as features of one product. Not every little detail is the same, since they do different things, but they certainly have a similar feel.

  • A consistent way to share
    A consistent way to share Sharing a document or spreadsheets works the same way now. We've even added an option to spreadsheets so you can let collaborators invite others to your spreadsheets. (This is the default way that that sharing works for documents.) Learn more

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Drinking cola may increase risk to women's bones

Drinking cola may increase risk to women's bones:
Women who drink cola may be increasing their risk for low bone mineral density linked to osteoporosis, researchers say.

A study of 2,500 people concluded that drinking the carbonated beverages was linked with low bone mineral density in three different hip sites in women, regardless of age, menopausal status, calcium and vitamin D intake and use of cigarettes or alcohol.

Similar results were seen for diet pop and less strongly for decaffeinated pop.

In men, there was no link with lower bone mineral density at the hip, and both sexes showed no link for the spine.

The report by Katherine Tucker, director of the epidemiology and dietary assessment program at Tufts University in Boston, and her colleagues, appeared in this week's issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

"The more cola that women drank, the lower their bone mineral density," Tucker said in a release.

"There is no concrete evidence that an occasional cola will harm the bones. However, women concerned about osteoporosis may want to steer away from frequent consumption of cola until further studies are conducted."

Calcium, phosphorus intake

While previous studies suggested cola consumption may be linked to poor bone health because it replaces milk in the diet, Tucker's study found that women who drink pop did not consume less milk than those who drink fewer colas.

But calcium intake from all sources, including non-dairy sources such as dark, leafy greens and beans, was lower among women who drank the most cola.

On average, men reported drinking five cola drinks a week, and women said they drank four. The average age of participants was just below 60.

No association was found between bone mineral density loss and consumption of other carbonated drinks.

Cola, but not other carbonated beverages, contains phosphoric acid. The ingredient could be responsible for the bone density link, but researchers don't understand how.

"Physiologically, a diet low in calcium and high in phosphorus may promote bone loss, tipping the balance of bone remodelling toward calcium loss from the bone," Tucker said, adding more controlled studies are needed to investigate the phosphorus link.

The soft drink industry says the drinks are not a major source of dietary phosphorus.

Osteoporosis is a condition that occurs when bone tissue thins or develops small holes. The condition can cause pain, broken bones and loss of body height.

Adequate calcium intake and regular weight-bearing exercise are recommended to prevent osteoporosis.
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Things to keep

Keep your thoughts positive,
because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive,
because your words become your actions.

Keep your actions positive,
because your actions become your habits.

Keep your habits positive,
because your habits become your lifestyle.

Keep your lifestyle positive,
because your lifestyle becomes your destiny.

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Google service for Celcom users

The Star Online : TechCentral - Malaysia Technology:
CELCOM Malaysia Bhd customers will now be able to access the Google search engine through Celcom's WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) service.

The telecommunications company signed a memorandum of understanding with the popular web search giant to make the service available to Celcom customers.

Celcom chief executive officer Datuk Shazalli Ramly said the partnership will offer customers WAP and web search capabilities starting this month.

When accessed through Celcom's portal, the Google searches will give top priority to Celcom's offerings, followed by other results.

To prepare for the service, Celcom has also activated the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) setting for 4.2 million of its 7.8 million subscribers.

"Our database shows that 4.2 million of our subscribers have a GPRS phone but have not activated it because they don't know how to or just haven’t had time to do so," Shazalli said.

Celcom will roll out other Google services such as Google Mail (Gmail) and the web version of Google Search within five months.

All these services will be available to Celcom subscribers including those with the new "0148"0 prefix.

Celcom also plans to include Google Earth, a satellite-imagery service, and instant messaging program Google Talk at a later stage.
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Google Friends Newsletter - September 2006

Hello to Google Friends everywhere, and welcome to this monthly update about Google services and products.


1) Gadgets for your desktop and the Google homepage

Google Gadgets are the small creative applications that sit on your desktop screen, or in your Google Personalized Homepage, that add a bit of information, fun and flair to your computing. We have developed some gadgets ourselves, and lots of people have submitted their own. Gadgets can be anything from a game to a communication tool. There's a multi-definition dictionary, a world clock, a webpage counter, a sketch pad, among others. Gadgets are very easy to use, and almost as easy to create yourself.

2) Featured Content for Earth

Zooming around Google Earth is plenty of fun, but when you actually land somewhere on the planet and can explore it, that takes fun to another level. By partnering with several content providers, we're offering new Google Earth layers that showcase pictures, audio, video, and stories such as video tours from Discovery Channel highlighting landmarks, cities, national parks, and scenic wonders. The featured content is accessible from the "Featured Content" folder in the Google Earth Layers sidebar.


News Archive Search

Google News helps you get a grip on current headlines. But what about last week, last year -- last century? You'd need an archive to search the past and perhaps better understand the present. The new Google News archive search can help to pinpoint events, people and ideas -- explore history -- through archives of news and other information sources. Find contemporary information on, say, the 1969 moon landing, plus all the commentary on it in years since. The archive results include freely available articles from sources such as and The Guardian, plus snippets of articles available for a fee or via subscription from news outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, and also from news aggregators like, ThomsonGale, Factiva, LexisNexis and more. You can even get a sense of history by browsing an automatically created timeline. Articles related to a single story or theme within a given time period are grouped together to enable you to see a broad perspective on the events.

Google Reader

Given the online "river of information" that flows our way each day, there must be a better way to navigate it. With the new improved Google Reader you can easily keep track of the websites that interest you. Use Google Reader to read news, subscribe to blogs, and more. Instead of having to go to each website to see what's changed, here are all the updates in one convenient place. Think of it as your inbox for the web.

Google Spreadsheets

The word "spreadsheet" may not conjure up fun, but there are new elements in Google Spreadsheets - a web-based way to organize and track bits of information - that make your task more fun (and easier too). For starters, you can share a spreadsheet with anyone who receives the URL you're sending them. You now have easy access to all your Gmail contacts. Create a PDF file that prints nicely, or fit more text into a single cell (very handy for street addresses and much else).

Google Notebook improvements

When you're researching online -- whether to plan an exotic vacation or find the right lasagna recipe -- it's never a problem finding websites, images, and other interesting bits of information. The problem is gathering it in a way that helps you find the answer you're looking for. We introduced Google Notebook in May so you can browse, clip, and organize information from across the web in a single online location that's accessible from any computer, without ever leaving your browser window. And now you can collaborate on a notebook with fellow notebookers (or share your published version with everyone out there). The new version of Google Notebook has a better interface for organizing, a trash bin for deleted items, and an "undo" action. You can also view your Notebooks on your personalized homepage on Google.

Google Calendar web content events

If you haven't tried Google Calendar yet, you should know it's more than just a personal organizer - it can keep you current about other kinds of time-related information, like the upcoming weather forecast. A new feature, web content events, makes it easier to distinguish between what you've scheduled for yourself and other things going on around you. These web content events are icons at the top of the current day in your Google Calendar. Just mouse over that to get a quick summary, or click it to bring up a web page with more information. You can also add web content events including holidays, weather, phases of the moon, and Google doodles.


+ An education via video +

The proliferation of online video brings the web to life in a compelling way for millions of people used to moving images. Like you, we enjoy the clever "viral" videos that circulate endlessly, but perhaps one of the most interesting uses of online video is for education. Lots of "distance learning," as it used to be called, has featured video modules, to be sure. And it's never been easier for anyone to shoot video and upload it. We think we're just at the beginning of how video might reach people. Today we offer two series (among many) that we want to mention: first, a series of University of California-Berkeley courses that have been videotaped and uploaded to Google Video. The content topics range from physics to poetry. They're as in-depth and informative as you might hope. And a second series that continues to grow is called TED Talks. These are presentations given at an exclusive annual conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) to an audience of 1000 people. The talks are short - 20 minutes or less - and feature well-known, or sometimes should-be-better-known, scientists, thinkers, and artists. The first batch include a talk by the architect of the new Seattle Public Library, Joshua Prince-Ramus, and another by Saturday Night Live alum Julia Sweeney. Since we can't be in all places at once - let alone get in to all the stimulating presentations in classes and conferences - online video can enrich us.

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Honda Civic Type R at Paris Auto Show

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