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Google Friends Newsletter - March 2007


Flight information from Google SMS

With Google SMS, getting real-time flight information is as easy as texting a message to your friend. Simply text message your flight number to 466453 ("GOOGLE" on most mobile devices), and you'll receive a text message right back with the status details of your flight. If you're looking for more general information, you can text message the name of an airline, and you'll receive a message with the main phone number to call. This free service is available for flights departing or arriving in the U.S.


More personalization for your homepage

Make the Google homepage your own with the newest features for the Google Personalized Homepage. You can change the entire look of the page by choosing one of six themes. All the themes are dynamic, which means the look of your homepage will change depending on the season, time of day and weather conditions of your current location. If you can't decide which gadgets to add, you can review other users' ratings or read reviews of gadgets from the directory; name a new tab and let us select gadgets you might like based on the tab's name; or click a gadget's drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and select "You might also like..." to see our recommendations.

One we do recommend is the new Google Talk gadget, which lets you chat with friends and family directly from your homepage. And this gadget lets you view videos and photo albums straight from your chat window by pasting URLs from YouTube and Picasa Web Albums into your chats. There's nothing to download or install.

Google Notebook is out of beta

Google Notebook has now graduated from Google Labs and is officially out of beta. Besides launching in 17 new languages, we've added a slew of improvements to the user interface and new features too. You can add your own comments to individual notes, view your notebook content on Google Maps, and export your notebooks to Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The next time you're planning an event with friends or researching places to go for a family vacation, organize your findings with Google Notebook.

Increased storage on Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums now offers 1GB of free storage, which means you can upload up to 4,000 standard resolution photos for free. We've also made it easier for you to share your photos and albums with friends. Just click the "Link to this..." link next to any Picasa Web photo or album, and copy the code provided. You can paste the code into an email, IM or the code for your website for others to see.

Improved security with Google Desktop

We've added a new safety feature to Google Desktop to protect you from suspicious sites. Now when you visit a site that might be trying to steal your personal information or install malicious software on your computer, Google Desktop will show you a warning before you use it. Google Desktop also now includes a better-looking sidebar and gadgets to match, and the ability to quickly preview a Google Desktop search result before actually opening the file or going to the web page.

Photos on Google Maps

Google Maps users will now find relevant photos about businesses when they do a local search. These photos will be visible in the business details information window, and more can be found by clicking the images. You'll find a range of images in the search results: from photos of buildings and storefronts to pictures of hotel interiors and delicious meals to help you decide where to make your next

Plus Box results on Google

This month we introduced Plus Box, a new feature of Google that lets you see additional information on individual search results. When you see a "+" icon next to a result, click on it and you'll see additional data intended to help you find what you're looking for more quickly.
Right now, we're showing two types of Plus Box results: stock information and maps. Expect to see more types going forward.

New software from Google Pack

Protect your PC with the newest additions to Google Pack: Symantec's Norton Security Scan, which detects and removes viruses, and PC Tools' Spyware Doctor Starter Edition, a top-rated anti-spyware utility. Like all Google Pack offerings, these applications are free and
automatically updated. We've also made some major updates to the Google Photos Screensaver: Now you can turn your computer into a
digital photo frame that displays pictures from photo feeds, a great way to keep current with your friends' and families' latest pictures.

Polls on orkut

Have a tough decision to make? With the latest feature from orkut, you can get an entire orkut community's input on any question you have. Simply post a poll to any community you belong to and watch as members vote and leave comments on your question. Next time you're deciding between a holiday weekend in Aspen or Hawaii, look to your friends on orkut. for mobile

Searching from your mobile phone can be tricky, as you're walking and searching, without a mouse, and scrolling through results on a small screen with just a couple of inches of real estate. Now when you visit on your phone, click the link that takes you to the new mobile search experience. You'll never be more than a click or two away from the answer that you're after. You can add modules for the types of information you're regularly searching for to your homepage so you don't have to search for updates anymore.


We admit it -- we get wrapped up in our work. Even when we're not feeling so great, there are deadlines to meet - things that can't move forward without us - and the fear of getting behind keeps us going even when we feel lousy. It's easy to see how it happens in this "always-on" culture, and so it's probably no different for you, either. Our own Google doctor at our Mountain View, Calif. headquarters, Dr. Taraneh Razavi, recently reminded us -- and you! -- to stay home when you're sick. As she notes in a recent Google Blog post, it's not just at Google that this working-while-sick phenomenon goes on, to the benefit of no one, least of all the lousy-feeling person and their immediate co-workers. So whether you've got flu-like symptoms, a bad cough, or a wearying head cold, consider this a reminder to nurse yourself back to health -- at home. Chances are you'll heal more quickly and your colleagues will thank you. There will always be another work deadline. Why not make one for yourself -- to get better?

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