Selasa, Jun 28, 2005

More Google Tricks

GOOGLE tricks !!!  

To define a word, phrase or acronym, just type define: and then your term into Google's search box. The results include a variety of Web glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Google tricks such as using quotes to search for a specific phrase or the tilde to search for synonyms of a word can be lifesavers. But not if you can't remember them. The Google Cheat Sheet, a list of commonly used operators, deserves a spot next to your monitor. (

  • What does Google ''think" of you? Find out at Googlism, where the search results for a word or phrase are analyzed and your "who," "what," "when" or "where" query is answered. (  

  • The Google Zeitgeist keeps track of what's being searched for at that moment. Check out the search terms gaining in popularity or head to the archives to see what was hot a few years ago. (

  • Want to know when people are talking about you? Create a Google Alert for your name and Google will e-mail you whenever a news or search item pops up with you in it. (

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