Ahad, Julai 10, 2005

Bed Sharing "Not Good" for infants

"Researchers at the University of Glasgow found that any child under the age of 11 weeks was at risk if they were taken into their parents’ bed. Their study, which was carried out between 1996 and 2000, was funded by the Scottish Cot Death Trust.

Bed Sharing Averse to the earlier believed risk to infants sharing a bed with parents who were smokers, this new finding seems rather alarming and a point needing utmost attention by parents of new borns. The new research suggests that even letting your child sleep with you on a couch or in a chair could increase its chances of being at risk of SIDS.

From new research it proves that having his or her own cot is most beneficial to the baby, at least up to the age of 3 months after which there is a sharp decline in the risk pattern.
While this is a view that all parents should heed it does call for a major change in lifestyle especially in a country like India or other Asian countries.

One is safe having your baby in your bed to cuddle or feed but napping should be strictly in his or her own cot, safely placed in the parent’s room for the first six months."

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