Khamis, September 15, 2005

Civilization or barbarians?

If Europeans do it, it is called Civilization, if others do it, they are Barbarians.

The great Changez Khan, whose intelligent warfare tactics are followed today by Americans, was a considered Barbarian, but Alexander the great was civilized. The Romans were civilized but Attila the Hun who defeated Romans was barbarian, Americans (north and south) are civilized but ancient american Indians of including Mayans were barbarians.

There is a small town called Sedlec, some seventy kilometers east of the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. This town Sedlec has an unusual, weird scary church. The inside of this church is dembellished with real human bones.

In year 1218 AD, when a certain Abbot Henry made a pilgrimage to the holy land and brought back a jar full of soil from cemetery, which he spread over the Church. As a result the church came to be regarded as more sacred and turned into a popular burial spot. By 1318, more than thirty thousands bodies were buried there and by 1511, it became necessary to dig out the graves of their forefathers and remove the older bones to make place for the new ones. The dugout human bones then became the construction materials for the macabre creations. In 1870 a local woodcarver was hired by the Duke of Shwartzenberg to decorate the inside of the church with the human remains of their forefathers. They were some forty thousand pieces of dead human bones. It is now the Church of Human Bones. To a visitor it is weird, ghastly, horrifying place nowhere to be near in dark alone.

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