Isnin, September 05, 2005

Indonesia Jet Crash Kills at Least 147 - Yahoo! News

Indonesia Jet Crash Kills at Least 147 - Yahoo! News:
MEDAN, Indonesia - An Indonesian jetliner slammed into a crowded neighborhood moments after a shaky takeoff Monday and burst into flames, killing 147 people, including dozens on the ground. At least 15 passengers survived, among them an 18-month-old boy, officials said.

The Mandala Airlines Boeing 737-200 was heading to Jakarta in overcast weather when it plowed into a row of houses 500 yards from the airport and skidded onto a busy road in this city on northeast Sumatra island. Witnesses said some people were on fire as they fled the wreckage.

Firefighters struggled to put out the blaze, which engulfed dozens of houses and at least 10 cars, in a midmorning rainstorm. It was the sixth major jet crash worldwide since Aug. 1.

The plane was carrying 116 passengers and crew, airline spokesman Alex Widjojo said. There were differing accounts on the number of survivors.

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