Rabu, November 16, 2005

'Prison Break' producer found dead at Drake Hotel


A producer for the Fox network television series "Prison Break," which is filmed in a former state prison in Joliet, was found dead in his North Michigan Avenue hotel room Monday afternoon, the victim of an apparent drug overdose, according to authorities.

Matthew Houbrick, 42, of Calabasas, Calif., was found dead about 3:30 p.m., in his 6th floor room at the Drake Hotel.

Some white powder, believed to be cocaine or heroin, was also found in the room, a source close to the investigation told the Chicago Sun-Times.

It was unclear how long Houbrick had been dead, but a police source said a Hollywood producer was concerned about the man and asked hotel staff to make a well-being check. Police officials obtained the information about his job title, but Fox network spokesmen did not confirm Houbrick's death late Monday.

Worked on '7th Heaven'

The drama "Prison Break," currently in its first season, tells the tale of a man who robs a bank in order to get caught. This allows him to be sent to the same prison where his older brother wrongly sits on Death Row for an assassination. The younger brother plans a breakout for the both of them.

The series is filmed at the former Joliet Correctional Center, where generations of hard-core criminals served time.

Houbrick's credits include working as supervising producer for the WB's "Charmed" from 1999 to 2000, as well as other production work on "7th Heaven," the 1990s' series "The Love Boat: The Next Wave" and "Pacific Palisades," according to the Internet Movie Database.

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