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Google Friends Newsletter - April 2010


Share your bookmarks

Saving and sharing bookmarks is now easier, faster and more social. With a single click, you can now share your bookmarks with your friends on Facebook and your followers on Twitter or Buzz. We show you how many people are following your list so you can track how the popularity of your lists change over time. We've also created a bookmarklet that allows you to add any page on the web to any of your lists, directly from your browser's toolbar, with just one click. When viewing a page that you would like to add to one of your bookmark lists, click the bookmarklet in your browser's toolbar, select the list you want to add it to and you're done. To use this feature, drag the bookmarklet button from any list page to your toolbar.


Search Stories Video Creator

The Search Stories Video Creator tool allows you to quickly and easily create your own animated search story on YouTube. All you need to do is type in your Google searches, pick some music and you've got your very own story to share with your friends.

Google Follow Finder

This experimental service in Google Labs helps you expand your Twitter network. Enter your Twitter account name and you'll see a list of people you might be interested in following. You can also get interesting suggestions by entering other Twitter user names.

Earth View in Google Maps

Google Maps now includes Earth view, a way to see Google Earth's 3D buildings, imagery and terrain right in your browser. To help you get started with this feature, we've selected 36 places for you to fly to, which you'll see in the left-hand panel on Maps if you click the link below. Simply go to Google Maps and click the Earth button to explore the world in 3D.

Updates to Google Apps

We've introduced some new functionalities to both Google Docs and Gmail. Documents support better formatting options with a margin ruler, better numbering and bullets and more flexible image placement. Spreadsheets now have a formula editing bar, cell auto-complete, drag-and-drop columns and more. We've also added a new drawings editor to Google Docs, so now you can build flow charts, schematics, and other kinds of diagrams collaboratively. In Gmail, we've introduced a new nested label feature and the ability to drag and drop attachments. You can also see people's calendar availability and send an event invite right from Gmail.

Hubble Telescope's 20th birthday

On April 24, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Hubble telescope's launch into Earth orbit with a Google Doodle. We also teamed up with the Space Telescope Science Institute to share 20 of our favorite Hubble images. You can see these images on our Hubble birthday webpage and fly to their locations in space by downloading the Hubble tour in Google Earth.


We think it's important for government information to be made available and accessible to the public. To support this goal, we recently introduced the Public Data Explorer, an experimental visualization tool in Google Labs designed to help you comprehend large volumes of data and statistics through rich visualizations. You can mash up data from public agencies, non-profits and organizations using line graphs, bar graphs, maps and bubble charts. We also recently announced a partnership with the Sunlight Foundation to support the Design for America contest to make government data more comprehensible to the public. If you live in the U.S. and have ideas for how government data can be made more accessible and transparent, the deadline to enter the contest is May 17.

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