Jumaat, September 03, 2010

Honda CR-Z TypeF

Honda CR-Z. Click to enlarge

Nearly one year later, we're still digging the idea behind Meguiar's Wraptivo system. For under $2,000 you can design and have a professional installer wrap your car in vinyl, complete with custom graphics and textures. And to drum up more interest in the program after its debut at last year's SEMA show, Meguiar's has picked up a 2011 Honda CR-Z and enlisted the tuning talents of RJ De Vera and rendering artist Jon Sibal to show what it has planned for the 2010 show.

Naturally, the CR-Z Type-F Concept is focused on the matte black and "carbon fiber" wrap, but the real party pieces are underneath the vinyl.

A supercharger will be fitted to the anemic 1.5-liter four-pot, with a custom exhaust system and a Hondata ECU used to extract maximum power. Accessories from Honda's performance line will join a Tein suspension, HKS components and some Volk TE37 wheels, while the inside will benefit from a pair of Recaro buckets, Alcantara trim and a new shift knob. And while it might be easy to dismiss the Type-F (which apparently stands for "Fun") as a SEMA show queen, Meguiar's plans to enter it in Source Interlink's annual Super Lap Battle the week after the show. Get all the details in the press release after the jump and check out Sibal's high-res rendering above.

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