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New Zealand South Island trip plan 5d/4n

1.Head west on Hereford St toward Strand Ln270 m
2.Turn left onto Cambridge Tce120 m
3.Continue onto Durham St800 m
4.Turn right onto Moorhouse Ave1.7 km
5.Continue onto Blenheim Rd4.9 km
6.At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Main South Rd/State Highway 73A heading to West Coast/Timaru/State Highway 1 Continue to follow Main South Rd49.5 km
7.Continue onto Rakaia Hwy26.5 km
8.Continue onto Hinds Hwy Go through 1 roundabout2.4 km
9.Continue straight onto East St400 m
10.Continue onto Hinds Hwy17.0 km
11.Continue onto Rangitata Hwy14.0 km
12.Continue onto Orari-Rangitata Hwy14.1 km
13.Continue onto Temuka-Orari Hwy11.6 km
14.Continue onto Timaru-Temuka Hwy12.7 km
15.Continue onto Hilton Hwy7.7 km
16.Continue onto Timaru-Pareora Hwy10.9 km
17.Continue onto Waimate Hwy50.5 km
18.Continue onto Glenavy-Hilderthorpe Rd7.9 km
19.Continue onto Hilderthorpe-Pukeuri Rd5.3 km
20.Continue onto Pukeuri-Oamaru Rd4.3 km
21.Continue onto Thames Hwy Go through 2 roundabouts4.0 km
22.Keep right at the fork, follow signs for State Highway 1/Dunedin Continue to follow State Highway 1112 km
23.Turn right onto Queens Gardens (signs for Mornington)47 m
24.Take the 1st left onto Vogel St93 m
25.Take the 1st right onto Water St66 m
26.Head west on Water St toward Bond St120 m
27.Turn left onto Princes St1.1 km
28.Turn right onto South Rd24 m
29.Take the 1st left to stay on South Rd2.0 km
30.Continue onto Barnes Drive65 m
31.Turn left onto Dunedin Southern Motorway10.2 km
32.Continue onto Main South Rd3.9 km
33.Continue onto Taieri Plains Hwy21.7 km
34.Continue onto Waihola Hwy15.1 km
35.Continue onto Milton Hwy24.8 km
36.Continue onto Clinton Hwy30.6 km
37.Continue onto Waipahi Hwy/State Highway 1 (signs for Gore/Invercargill) Go through 1 roundabout41.1 km
38.At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Waimea Hwy heading to Invercargill29.4 km
39.Continue onto Lumsden-Riversdale Hwy31.7 km
40.Turn right onto Five Rivers-Lumsden Hwy2.5 km
41.Turn left onto Mossburn-Lumsden Hwy16.5 km
42.Continue onto Te Anau-Mossburn Hwy57.2 km
43.Continue onto Luxmore Drive650 m
44.Turn right onto Bowen St140 m
45.Take the 1st left onto Pop Andrew Drive350 m
46.Take the 2nd left onto Te Anau-Milford Hwy170 m
47.Turn right onto Milford Cres5 m
48.Head east on Milford Cres toward Te Anau-Milford Hwy5 m
49.Turn right onto Te Anau-Mossburn Hwy1.0 km
50.Continue onto Luxmore Drive9 m
51.Continue onto Te Anau-Mossburn Hwy57.2 km
52.Continue onto Mossburn-Lumsden Hwy400 m
53.Turn left onto Mossburn Five Rivers Rd19.7 km
54.Turn left onto Athol-Five Rivers Hwy/State Highway 6 (signs for Queenstown) Continue to follow State Highway 628.9 km
55.Continue straight onto Kingston-Garston Hwy17.6 km
56.Continue onto Kingston Rd38.4 km
57.Continue onto Kawarau Rd Go through 1 roundabout1.5 km
58.At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Frankton Rd5.8 km
59.Slight right onto Stanley St450 m
60.Enter the roundabout15 m
61.Head northwest toward Ballarat St52 m
62.Exit the roundabout onto Stanley St450 m
63.Continue straight onto Frankton Rd5.8 km
64.At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Frankton-Ladies Mile Hwy5.7 km
65.Continue straight onto Gibbston Hwy32.8 km
66.Continue onto Kawarau Gorge Rd14.3 km
67.Turn right onto State Hwy2.6 km
68.Turn left onto Tarras-Cromwell Rd29.2 km
69.Slight left onto Lindis Pass-Tarras Rd45.4 km
70.Continue onto Omarama-Lindis Pass Rd32.0 km
71.Continue onto Omarama Ave700 m
72.Continue onto Twizel-Omarama Rd26.4 km
73.Continue onto Tekapo-Twizel Rd60.4 km
74.Head southeast on Tekapo-Twizel Rd toward State Hwy400 m
75.Continue onto Fairlie-Tekapo Rd41.7 km
76.Continue onto Mount Cook Rd700 m
77.Slight left onto State Highway 79 (signs for Geraldine/Christchurch)45.6 km
78.Turn left onto Rangitata-Orari Bridge Hwy/Talbot St Continue to follow Rangitata-Orari Bridge Hwy6.3 km
79.Turn right to stay on Rangitata-Orari Bridge Hwy9.1 km
80.Turn left onto Orari-Rangitata Hwy (signs for State Highway 1/Ashburton/Christchurch)3.8 km
81.Continue onto Rangitata Hwy14.0 km
82.Continue onto Hinds Hwy17.0 km
83.Continue onto East St400 m
84.Continue onto Hinds Hwy Go through 1 roundabout2.4 km
85.Continue onto Rakaia Hwy26.5 km
86.Continue onto Main South Rd Go through 1 roundabout50.8 km
87.Continue straight to stay on Main South Rd450 m
88.Continue onto Riccarton Rd Go through 1 roundabout4.6 km
89.Turn left onto Oxford Tce400 m
90.Turn left onto Montreal St300 m
91.Take the 3rd right onto Hereford St450 m

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