Khamis, Julai 13, 2017

Two types of people

There are two types of people:

1. Those who commit sins but in doing so try their best to keep it hidden and not to expose themselves in any way. They feel embarrassed and remorse in disobeying Allāh & His Messenger acknowledging it is out of their own weakness in īmān, yet they would never dare to to even contemplate justifying it, even if someone worse than them was the one giving the advice or reminder. 

2. Those who sin and perhaps even do similar sins or less serious sins compared to the first group, however they are proud, arrogant or boastful about their disobedience. They have no hesitation in publicly committing these sins, nor do they consider the effect these sins may have on those around them. They go to great lengths to justify their actions, with the basis of their justification boiling down to statements like "we are all sinners" or "nobody is perfect". When advised or reminded they do not feel regret rather they increase in their sin and disobedience, often as a form of rebellion. 

Ponder for a moment and let us ask ourselves which group we fall under, because it must be one of the two; for surely not a single one of us is free from sin.

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