Harga minyak naik lagi: Mimpi ngeri yang berpanjangan

Harga minyak naik lagi: Mimpi ngeri yang berpanjangan

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Francesca Peters - Sekadar Di Pinggiran ( lirik + mp3 )

Francesca Peters - Sekadar Di Pinggiran

Tiada guna kau berpatah arah
Jika niatmu meyambung kasih
Apalah ertinya disebalik
Tangisan atau rintihan

Untuk apa kau kembali lagi
Sekadar hanya untuk menyakiti
Cukuplah sudah di sini saja
Biar aku pendam duka

Hati sedih, hati pedih
Mengenangkan keindahan

Tidak kusampai
Ke puncak sana
Apalah daya
Ku bertahan cuma
Di pinggiran
Yang memilukan...

Jauh sekali di sudut hati
Menyimpan dendam yang amat mendalam
Akan kusahut namamu oh! sayang
Sewaktu ku kesunyian...

( ulang dari 1 )

~download di Rapidshare ( tiada password ;-) )
~more download

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Telegraph | News | Terrorist inmates seize wing of Kabul prison

Telegraph | News | Terrorist inmates seize wing of Kabul prison:
At least 30 prisoners have been wounded after inmates linked with al-Qa'eda and the Taliban seized control of a wing of a prison in Afghanistan.

A security official estimated that 1,500 inmates were involved in the incident, which took place in Kabul's main high security prison.

"It went out of control and a clash broke out between the prisoners, including many Taliban, and the police, in which 30 people have been wounded," he said.

The disturbance reportedly first erupted after prison authorities attempted to introduce a uniform for inmates.

Reacting to the attempts, prisoners led by Taliban and al-Qa'eda militants took two female guards captive.

Hundreds of police and troops took position outside the jail, backed by tanks and armoured cars.

Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai, Afghanistan's deputy justice minister, said four prisoners were wounded while trying to escape from the prison.

"I have also heard that 20 more prisoners have been wounded, but the people behind this unrest are not ready to hand them over to us for treatment," he said.

He said the situation was under control, but the riot was not over.

"Taliban and al-Qa'eda members from different countries are behind this unrest," he told Reuters. "They still control the wing from where they had started the riot."

Gunfire were heard from within the compound on the eastern outskirts of Kabul last night stretching into this morning.

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Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria 007

Aquaria 030

Aquaria 032

Aquaria 038

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Senyum kambing

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METALLICA: Rare 'Ride The Lightning' Red-Logo Vinyl Sells For Over $2,000!

METALLICA: Rare 'Ride The Lightning' Red-Logo Vinyl Sells For Over $2,000!

A limited-edition vinyl copy of METALLICA's "Ride the Lightning" LP, featuring the band's logo in red, was recently sold on eBay for a whopping $2,247! The LP was apparently one of only 500 copies that were pressed up in 1989 by the band's European record label, Phonogram/Vertigo, and features an individual numbering sticker. View the auction page at this location.

Commented the seller: "I bought this record from a friend who owned a record shop back in early '90s when I lived in Germany.It was unused and all new when I bought it, but I don't think it came shrinkwrapped. I have only played it a couple of times, and besides that it has been in my vinyl shelfs for 16 years or something now! The sleeve shows signs of age, but it's nothing major. Anyway, I think it will be a long time untill you will see this one for sale on eBay again!!"

For more information on this rare promotional item, visit www.metallipromo.com (see record listing number 42).

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TM Net introduces entry-level streamyx

TM Net introduces entry-level streamyx:
TM Net Sdn Bhd hopes to strengthen its position as a broadband provider with the introduction of a new entry-level broadband package (with or without modem) for home users, the tmnet streamyx 384k, said its chief executive officer, Michael Lai.

In a statement on Feb 24, Lai said the package, which is offered at a minimal charge of RM20 for 10 hours of monthly Internet usage, was instrumental in placing broadband within reach of more Malaysians and drive TM Net to emerge as the “Broadband choice for Malaysians”.

“The entry-level tmnet streamyx basic 384k aims to encourage dial-up users to upgrade to broadband. This entry-level package is designed to give our subscribers the high-speed connection that is within their budget.

“With broadband, they can surf and e-mail at more than five times the speed of dial-up. This will free up their phone lines to make and receive calls,” Lai continued.

He added that TM Net now had over 500,000 broadband customers and 1.9 million dial-up customers nationwide.

Additional usage beyond the first 10 hours will be charged five sen per minute.

There would be an additional charge of RM5 monthly for modem rental, which comes with a 24-month warranty.

The new low-cost broadband package allows home users to connect to the Internet on an average of 2.5 hours per week without cost of the call, which equates to less than 70 sen daily.
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Google to expand ops in Malaysia

Google to expand ops in Malaysia:
KUALA LUMPUR: Google (Hong Kong) Ltd hopes to further expand its operation in Malaysia by introducing its authorised reseller programme in the near future.

“We hope to appoint authorised resellers in Malaysia as soon as possible but the number depends on the market situation here,” head of sales Crid Yu said at a media briefing yesterday.

The company's authorised reseller programme, now available only in Hong Kong, serves small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Three Hong Kong companies - PCCW Directories Ltd, UDomain Web Hosting Comp LTd and AsiaPac Net Media Ltd - have been appointed as resellers so far.

These were selected based on their high quality of services, deep product knowledge and ability to provide returns to their clients.

“Our advertising programmes have proven effective for advertisers around the world in conducting business online. We look forward to bringing Google Adwords to business in Hong Kong,” Yu said.

Google Adwords allows advertisers and businesses of all sizes and industries to reach a fast growing audience as they search the web.

It matches text-based ads to users' search queries, providing them with information relevant to what they are looking for

This results in a highly targeted service with a significant return on investment to the advertisers. Adwords enables any advertisers, irrespective of location, to reach potential customers in any other part of the world from one interface. Currently, Google's advertisers in the region include SMEs, government institutions and multinational brands in industries such as travel, technology, retail and financial services.
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Rinspeed zaZen concept 2006

Check out this post by JBR Capital about The 75 most expensive cars sold at auction.

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NG - Photo of the day - February 24, 2006

Garoka, Papua New Guinea, 1998, Photograph by Jodi Cobb

"A youngster shows off with bubble gum at a festival in Papua New Guinea."

Click the size you'd like to download:

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Iktibar dari semalu

Pada suatu hari, Rasulullah s.a.w berjalan-jalan bersama puteri baginda, Saidatina Fatimah r.a. Setibanya mereka berdua di bawah sebatang pohon tamar, Fatimah terpijak pohon semalu, kakinya berdarah lalu mengadu kesakitan.

Fatimah mengatakan kepada bapanya apalah gunanya pohon semalu itu berada di situ dengan nada yang sedikit marah. Rasulullah dengan tenang berkata kepada puteri kesayangannya itu bahawasanya pohon semalu itu amat berkait rapat dengan wanita. Fatimah terkejut.

Rasulullah menyambung kata-katanya lagi. Para wanita hendaklah mengambil pengajaran daripada pohon semalu ini dari 4 aspek.

Pertama, pohon semalu akan kuncup apabila disentuh. Ini boleh diibaratkan bahawa wanita perlu mempunyai perasaan malu (pada tempatnya).

Kedua, semalu mempunyai duri yang tajam untuk mempertahankan dirinya. Oleh itu, wanita perlu tahu mempertahankan diri dan maruah sebagai seorang wanita muslim.

Ketiga, semalu juga mempunyai akar tunjang yang sangat kuat dan mencengkam bumi. Ini bermakna wanita solehah hendaklah mempunyai keterikatan yang sangat kuat dengan Allah Rabbul Alamin.

Dan akhir sekali, semalu akan kuncup dengan sendirinya apabila senja menjelang. Oleh itu, para wanita sekalian, kembalilah ke rumahmu apabila waktu semakin senja.

Ambillah pengajaran dari semalu walaupun ia hanya sepohon tumbuhan yang kecil.

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Ugandan inmates stage polling day escape - Yahoo! News

Ugandan inmates stage polling day escape - Yahoo! News:
KAMPALA (AFP) - Some 80 Ugandan prisoners took advantage of distractions over the country's elections to escape from a work detail, an official said.

With one shift of warders at their minimum security jail assigned to protect polling stations and attention squarely focused on the vote, the inmates slipped away from guards while fetching water for the facility.

Johnson Byabasaija, chief of the prison in Uganda's northern Apac district, about 350 kilometers (215 miles) from Kampala, told AFP, "Warders were there, but this is a low-security prison."

He said 20 of the escapees he described as "mainly petty criminals" had been recaptured despite the fact that most warders and police had been deployed to polling stations.
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Google Friends Newsletter - February 2006

February salutations to Google Friends everywhere. We hope you enjoy this update on Google services and new products.


Winter Games Enhanced
We've updated Google Earth and Google Local with high resolution imagery of the area surrounding Torino, Italy, home of the 2006 Winter Games. With Google Earth installed, click on the KMZ file for Olympic Venues, which will load placemarks for all the major sites at the Games. To really appreciate the scenery, be sure to enable the Terrain layer and take advantage of the tilt view control in Google Earth: We've also generated street maps for Torino, which are available in the Google Maps API for those of you interested in creating Winter Games mashups.
http://local.google.com (search on 'Turin' or 'Torino')

This Google Blog post features even more Games-related news:


Google Toolbar (beta)
The latest Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer adds several features to help you customize your Toolbar. Add custom buttons to search your favorite websites -- choose from hundreds of buttons in our Button Gallery or make your own. Create and label bookmarks that you can access from any computer. Get instant search suggestions as you type in the search box. Share web pages with friends via email, blog, or SMS. Make your Toolbar as unique as you are.

Google Desktop (beta)
Google Desktop is a free application that now gives you easy access to information across your computers and from the web. The latest version allows you to undock Sidebar panels and place them anywhere your desktop. You can also easily share items from your Sidebar with a friend, including news, websites, games and more. Use the Search Across Computers feature to find documents and web pages you've seen on any of your computers. With Google Desktop, you get personalized information when you want it, right on your desktop.

Gmail Chat
Now Gmail accounts are automatically enabled with chat features. The people you already talk to often are just a click away in Quick Contacts. You don't have to use another program or switch between email and IM -- it's all on the same Gmail interface. And you don't need to build a new buddy list or do anything special either--it just works when you're signed in to Gmail (you can also easily sign out of chat). See when your friends are online and decide for yourself how you want to get in touch. We've also made it easy for you to save your chats so you don't always have to remember whether something important was said over email or IM. Now you can search for your chats, or print them, or even reply to a chat using email. https://mail.google.com/mail/help/chat.html

Froogle Personalized Search
We recently integrated Froogle with Personalized Search so that you can view and manage your history of Froogle searches and the products you've looked at, just as you already can do with Web Search, Image Search, and News. Just sign up for Personalized Search and make sure you're signed in to your Google Account when searching on Froogle.

Gmail for your domain
Attention schools, organizations and businesses - now you can try a special Gmail beta test that brings Gmail to every user on your domain. Since it's hosted by Google, there's no hardware or software for you to install or maintain. Each account has 2GB of storage and Google-quality search tools to help users find information fast. The administrative control panel lets you easily manage user accounts, aliases and mailing lists. To request being of this beta test, visit the home page and click "I'm Interested."


Google Current
Current TV is a new cable and satellite channel available throughout the U.S. Through a partnership, we provide access to Google Zeitgeist information - up to the minute aggregated search query results - for the Current staff to use in creating new TV stories. The resulting program, "Google Current," airs every half hour on Current TV and provides a look at what the world is searching for on Google. From hybrid cars to human-animal hybrids, from Paris riots to Paris Hilton photos, your searches guide Current stories.

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Woman in Spain Has 15 Pound Baby - Yahoo! News

Woman in Spain Has 15 Pound Baby - Yahoo! News:
MADRID, Spain - A Colombian woman has given birth to a 15-pound baby, the largest in 40 years in Madrid's main maternity hospital.

The 38-year-old mother, identified only as Rosario, had gestational diabetes — which can cause women to give birth to larger-than-usual babies — and a track record. Her first daughter, now nine, weighed 10.2 pounds at birth.

The new baby's father, Juan Carlos, said that with another woman he had a daughter that weighed 17 pounds at birth. "They told me it is genetic," he told reporters.

The proud parents showed off their daughter Arancha on Monday. She was born Feb. 13 at the Hospital Universitario la Paz.

The mother said she gained 48 pounds during the pregnancy and toward the end she could barely walk.

Arancha — 22 inches long — was born via Caesarean section in a procedure that ended up surprising even veteran nurses.

Rosario said: "I got scared when the nurses said: 'Oh my God!'. I was conscious, with an epidural, and I was afraid because I did not know if the baby had problems or in the end I was having more than one, as predicted by some people who had seen my belly."

Notes: 15 pound = 6.80388555 kilogram
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Winamp 5 Full 5.2 Released!

Winamp 5 Full 5.2 has been released.

For more details, visit: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Winamp_5_Full/1066336873/1

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Tribute to wolves

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Three Kinds of Malaysian Bigfoot

Are There Three Kinds of Malaysian Bigfoot? at Cryptomundo.com:
The story of the "Bigfoot" in the Endau-Rompin National Park, Malaysia, is becoming more complex. It seems like the time is ripe to sort out the media’s reports that the locals are seeing three types of hairy hominoids.

According to the Bernama news service, on February 20, 2006, accounts surfaced that the locals, the Orang Asli, living along the Johor-Pahang border, claimed they have seen a variety of different-sized "Bigfoot" in the area.

Articles ...
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Calif. Woman, 62, Gives Birth to Baby Boy - Yahoo! News

Calif. Woman, 62, Gives Birth to Baby Boy - Yahoo! News:
REDDING, Calif. - A 62-year-old woman gave birth Friday to a healthy 6-pound, 9-ounce baby boy, becoming one of the oldest women in the world to successfully bear a child.

Janise Wulf gave birth to her 12th child. She is also a grandmother of 20 and a great-grandmother of three.

Family members said the delivery went smoothly, despite earlier concerns about the mother's health. Wulf, a diabetic, experienced swelling and higher blood pressure earlier this week, prompting doctors to perform the Caesarean section a week early.

Wulf and her third husband, Scott, 48, named the red-haired boy Adam Charles Wulf. He follows just 3 1/2 years behind his older brother, Ian.

"I hate to raise one alone, without a sibling," said Wulf, who was impregnated both times through in vitro fertilization.

The oldest woman on record to give birth is a 66-year-old Adriana Iliescu of Romania, who had a Caesarean section Jan. 15, 2005.

The Guinness Book of World Records also lists two 63-year-old women who have given birth: Rosanna Della Corte of Italy in 1994 and Acheli Keh of California in 1996. News reports, however, list Della Corte's age at 62 when she gave birth.
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This day in history - Feb 18, 2006 - Pluto Is Discovered (1930)

Pluto was discovered by the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona while he was searching for a different planet. He did not find "Planet X," but discovered Pluto, the smallest of the planets. A little girl named Pluto after the Roman god of the underworld, because the planet is so distant and cold. What were some of the other suggestions for the planet's name? More...

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What you can do with your old keyboard

What you can do with your old ketboard

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Philippines Landslide Deaths May Top 1,500 - Yahoo! News

Philippines Landslide Deaths May Top 1,500 - Yahoo! News:
MANILA, Philippines - A wall of mud and boulders swept down from a mountainside at terrifying speed Friday, burying an eastern Philippines farming village in up to 30 feet of sludge. Officials feared the death toll could climb past 1,500.

The landslide left Guinsaugon — once a community of 2,500 people and an elementary school — looking like a giant patch of newly plowed land. Only a few jumbles of corrugated steel sheeting indicate Guinsaugon ever existed.

Rescue workers were hampered by the thick, soft mud that remained unstable, along with flash floods spawned by two weeks of downpours that dumped 27 inches of rain. Survivors and others blamed the weather and illegal logging for contributing to the disaster.

The official death toll stood at 23 after darkness forced suspension of rescue efforts, hours after the morning landslide. But the Philippine Red Cross estimated at least 200 dead and 1,500 missing. Significantly, only 53 survivors were plucked from the brown morass on Leyte island, about 400 miles east of the capital, Manila.

Guinsaugon's 375 homes had disappeared.
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I Want to Hold Your Hand

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" is the title of the hit 1963 Beatles song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney that led the British Invasion of the United States music charts. It was the first Beatles record to be made using 4-track equipment and in real stereo, and the Beatles' first number one song on the Billboard magazine charts, heralding 19 more number one singles from the Beatles in the United States. It also held the top spot in the United Kingdom charts, where a million copies of the single had already been ordered by its release. "I Want To Hold Your Hand" became the Beatles' best-selling single worldwide. McCartney and Lennon did not have any particular inspiration for the song, unlike their later hits such as "Yesterday", "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be". Instead, they had received specific instructions from manager Brian Epstein to write a song with the American market in mind, and the result was "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

Read the rest of this article:

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Pemeriksaan polis di hadapan

Pemeriksaan polis di hadapan, bersedia untuk berbogel dah ketuk ketampi.
Somewhere at Chow Kit

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Amy - Ikon A Rockstar Chronicle - 2006 (mp3 full album)

Amy - Ikon A Rockstar Chronicle - 2006

  1. Suralaya Dalam D Major (new song) - will make you bleed!
  2. Syurga Dan Neraka [Feat Bienda] (new song)
  3. Aku
  4. Kalimah Cinta
  5. Salam Terakhir (Remix original song A. Sudirman)
  6. Gita Rama Sari
  7. Suatu Impian [Feat Sasi The Don] (crap)
  8. Isabella98[Amy, Jamal Abdillah, Saleem,zamani]
  9. Sejuta Wajah [cover Sweet Charity]
  10. Suatu Masa
  11. Sama Rasa [Feat Tan Sri S.M.Salim]
  12. Kembali
  13. Rock & Roll [Live]
  14. Tiada Lagi
Petikan lirik "Suralaya Dalam D Major"
Getar senandung suralaya menggamit
Di ruang sanubari rindu menghimpit
Wajah kasihku melirik senyum tangis
Sukar untuk ku tangkis

Getar senandung suralaya menggamit
Di sudut perasaan cinta menjerit
Bisik kasihku gemersik makin jelas
Makin rasa sebegitu ikhlas

~lirik penuh di sini

petikan dari Metro:
"Anda mungkin akan tertanya apa yang dimaksudkan dengan Suralaya. Menurut Amy (selepas dia sendiri khatam mengenai maksud Suralaya daripada Loloq), ia sebenarnya membawa maksud tempat pengabdian manusia selepas mati"

Download at Rapidshare 63.50 MB
Pwd: fullfilth

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Today's shot

Kahwin Shukri 015

Kahwin Shukri 016

Location: Hentian Raya Bentung (Bentong)

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Today's shot




Menara Celcom

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Switching to Gmail

Tips and guide to swith to Gmail from other email. Click here.

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New species found in Indonesia

This is the first photograph ever taken of what scientists are calling New Guinea's "lost" bird of paradise.

The bird—known as Berlepsch’s six-wired bird of paradise—had been collected only once in the wild since its discovery more than a century ago. Its precise home range was unknown until now.

In late 2005 scientists on the island of New Guinea took this first ever photo of the golden-fronted bowerbird, a bird known to exist since the 1890s but whose precise home was unknown until the 1980s.

The golden-mantled tree kangaroo is just one of dozens of species discovered in late 2005 by a team of Indonesian, Australian, and U.S. scientists on the island of New Guinea.

The animal is the rarest arboreal, jungle-dwelling kangaroo in the world, the researchers say. This was the first time the mammal was found in Indonesia, making it only the second site in the world where the species is known to exist.

The kangaroo was discovered on an expedition in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia.

The National Geographic Society, Conservation International, and the Biology Research Center of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences supported the expedition.

This small frog is 1 of more than 20 new frog species discovered by scientists on an expedition in New Guinea in late 2005.

The tiny frog measures a mere 0.6 inch (14 millimeters) long and was detected only when it produced a soft call from among leaves on the steepest part of the forest floor.

The smoky honeyeater is the first new bird species to be discovered on the island of New Guinea since 1939.

Scientists discovered the bird on a recent expedition to the Foja Mountains of Indonesia, on the island of New Guinea.

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Edisi KL : Laman web lucah edisi baru

Edisi KL : Laman web lucah edisi baru
Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin

KUALA LUMPUR: Laman web lucah tempatan dikenali 'Melayu Boleh' yang sudah lama berkubur, dihidupkan kembali pihak tertentu dan kini menjadi buruan remaja yang ketagihan seks.

Laman web lucah itu yang dikesan kewujudannya sejak 1999 dan sudah disekat pihak berkuasa diberi 'nafas baru' dengan menggunakan alamat lain yang lebih rumit untuk diakses kecuali individu yang mengetahuinya melalui rakan.

Siasatan Harian Metro mendapati laman web berkenaan yang pernah menggemparkan negara berikutan memuatkan gambar bogel artis terkenal tanah air yang diubah suai, kini memaparkan pelbagai aksi gambar gadis tempatan yang belum pernah dilihat di mana-mana laman web.

Antaranya gambar lucah beberapa gadis tempatan itu termasuk Liza, Ikin Juvana dari desa, Rohaya Ratu Jasin, Azurah Juvana Kota, Zura si budak nakal, Mashitah benci kondom, Salawati, Anggun Fauziah dan Salamah pilih veteran.

Laman web lucah berbahasa Melayu terbabit turut memaparkan secara berani beberapa gambar sepasang remaja Melayu belasan tahun dikenali sebagai Saufi dan Sofia yang sedang beraksi ranjang tanpa seurat benang.

Malah, ada juga gambar remaja dikenali sebagai Sabarudin asyik melakukan hubungan seks dengan seorang gadis dalam bilik tidur selain beberapa gadis Melayu tanpa segan silu melakukan hubungan seks dengan lelaki 'mat saleh' di bilik hotel.

Selain itu, laman web lucah berkenaan memuatkan puluhan cerpen pendek lucah untuk menarik perhatian pelayar, antaranya bertajuk hujan di tengah sawah, pengajian seksku, skodeng anak YB, gara-gara blue filem, pengalaman mengintai, aku yang tewas, nafsu terhadap jiran dan pelbagai nukilan berahi yang disumbangkan pelayar.

Paparan komik lucah yang diadaptasi daripada komik barat juga dimuat di laman web itu.

Siasatan Harian Metro turut menemui satu lagi laman web lucah Melayu terbaru dikenali sebagai 'Rumah Tumpangan Sabul' yang tidak kurang hebatnya dengan laman web lucah 'Melayu Boleh'.

Laman web berkenaan yang dipercayai baru beroperasi tahun lalu, memaparkan gambar lucah eksklusif remaja dan belia pelbagai bangsa yang tidak pernah dimuatkan dalam mana-mana laman web.

Pengasas laman web terbabit mendakwa segala gambar dan video di laman web itu adalah hasil koleksi peribadi daripada pelbagai sumber yang dilindungi mengikut Akta Hak Cipta 2005/2006.

Berbanding laman web 'Melayu Boleh', laman web lucah terbabit banyak memaparkan perbuatan terkutuk remaja di bilik hotel dan rumah tumpangan serta penginapan sekitar ibu kota.

Ia turut memaparkan perbuatan seks di pejabat, kegiatan seks yang diintip di bilik tidur dan tandas menggunakan kamera, perlakuan seks dalam kereta, tangga, tandas, hutan lipur serta taman.

Ada juga gambar pelajar institut pengajian tinggi awam, pramugari, gadis Indonesia, pelacur tempatan, aksi berani selebriti tanah air bersama pasangan.

Apa yang memeranjatkan laman web terbabit kerap dikemas kini dengan gambar terbaru, termasuk gadis bertudung yang sengaja menunjukkan bahagian 'sulit' yang dirakamkan menggunakan kamera telefon bimbit atau kamera digital.

Ini terbukti apabila terdapat beberapa gambar gadis bertudung dimuatkan di situ tanpa segan silu melakukan adegan seks bersama pasangan, menunjukkan payu dara sambil memandu kereta serta membuka baju dalam keadaan bertudung.

Siasatan mendapati kebanyakan gadis yang dipaparkan itu jelas membuktikan bahawa mereka adalah gadis Melayu berdasarkan paras rupa dan nama antaranya, Azura, Zadina, Saliha, Irma, awek Shah Alam dan beberapa gadis lain.

Sementara itu, Penyelaras Projek Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), Noor Nirwandy Mat Noordin, menganggap kewujudan beberapa laman web lucah versi tempatan itu menggambarkan betapa seriusnya keruntuhan moral golongan remaja negara ini yang tidak lagi menghargai maruah dan harga diri.

Menurutnya, gejala seks bebas melalui laman web terbabit dianggap sebahagian daripada racun yang merosakkan moral remaja, terutama pelajar sekolah yang sudah sekian lama terdedah kepada maklumat seks songsang melalui cakera padat lucah dan bacaan seks.

"PPIM bimbang laman web lucah ini akan menjadi tempat remaja, terutama mereka yang masih di bangku sekolah melayarinya untuk mencari keseronokan.

"Seperti yang kerap disuarakan, penyebaran maklumat seks bebas akhirnya membawa padah apabila remaja mula tertarik untuk mencubanya dengan mencari pasangan melakukan seks haram," katanya.

Malah, menurutnya, penyebaran gambar lucah yang dilakonkan remaja bertudung sesuatu yang dianggap keterlaluan dan memalukan.

"Adegan itu memberi persepsi negatif oleh masyarakat bukan Islam, malah mencemarkan kesucian imej gadis bertudung," katanya.

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Google Talk

New Google Talk version adds some features. When you update Google Talk to, it will ask you if you want to save your chat history in GMail. You can also change this option from the Settings in Google Talk and GMail.

If you already have Google Talk, right click at your Google Talk icon, and click Check for updates now.

For more information click here and here.

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Desire - Slow Rock Terbaik - 1991 (mp3 full album)

Desire - Slow Rock Terbaik - 1991
  1. Desire - Bias Cinta
  2. Desire - Dian Cinta
  3. Desire - Kembang Berdarah
  4. Desire - Sentuhan
  5. Desire - Pemergian
  6. Desire - Hakikat Cinta
  7. Desire - Hati Menangis
  8. Desire - Memoranda Luka
  9. Desire - Bunga Baldu
  10. Desire - Cetusan Rindu
  11. Desire - Berakhir Sebuah Memori
  12. Desire - Kenangan Hidupku
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