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p/s: boring2 layan jam amik gambar dulu, lain kali kena pastikan cermin clear huhu
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Benediction - Killing Music - 2008 (tracklist+mp3 sample)

01. Intro
02. The Grey Man
03. Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask)
04. Killing Music
05. They Must Die Screaming
06. Dripping With Disgust
07. Wrath And Regret
08. As Her Skin Weeps
09. Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant
10. Immaculate Fa├žade [download mp3]
11. Burying The Hatchet
12. Beg, You Dogs
13. Betrayer (bonus track)*
14. They Bleed (bonus track)*
15. Seeing Through My Eyes (BROKEN BONES cover song)
16. Largactyl (AMEBIX cover song)

Spain 1 - 0 Germany (final)

Spain1 - 0Germany
33'ScoreFernando Torres
43'Yellow CardMichael Ballack
43'Yellow CardIker Casillas
46'SubstitutionPhilipp Lahm - Marcell Jansen
58'SubstitutionThomas Hitzlsperger - Kevin Kuranyi
63'SubstitutionCesc Fabregas - Xabi Alonso
66'SubstitutionDavid Jimenez Silva - Santiago Cazorla
74'Yellow CardFernando Torres
78'SubstitutionFernando Torres - Daniel Guiza
79'SubstitutionMiroslav Klose - Mario Gomez
88'Yellow CardKevin Kuranyi


Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider - 2008 (tracklist + sample)

Along Came a Spider is a 2008 concept album by veteran rock performer Alice Cooper, and is the 25th studio album by the artist. His last studio album Dirty Diamonds, was released three years ago in 2005. This album is set for release on July 29th 2008 in North America.

  1. Prologue/I Know Where You Live
  2. Vengeance Is Mine [mp3 sample]
  3. Wake The Dead
  4. Catch Me If You Can
  5. (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side
  6. Wrapped In Silk
  7. Killed By Love
  8. I'm Hungry
  9. The One That Got Away
  10. Salvation
  11. I Am The Spider/Epilogue

Spain 3 - 0 Russia

Spain3 - 0Russia
35'SubstitutionDavid Villa - Cesc Fabregas
50'ScoreHernandez Xavi
56'SubstitutionIgor Semshov - Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
57'Yellow CardYuri Zhirkov
57'SubstitutionIvan Saenko - Dmitry Sychev
60'Yellow CardDiniyar Bilyaletdinov
69'SubstitutionHernandez Xavi - Xabi Alonso
69'SubstitutionFernando Torres - Daniel Guiza
73'ScoreDaniel Guiza
82'ScoreDavid Jimenez Silva