Firmware 3.0 - New Features

Firmware 3.0 - New Features | Apple iPhone School:

I know that the 3.0 firmware is not new news, we heard all about it in March, but there were a few new features that were mentioned today.

Note: These are new firmware update for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch user, you can check out the list of features for the new iPhone 3G S HERE.

The 3.0 firmware will be released June 17th and will be free for all iPhone users. The upgrade will cost $9.95 for iPod Touch users.

New Features Mentioned Today:

• iTunes - rent and purchase movies right from your iPhone
• iTunes U Support
• Improved Parental Controls
• Tethering (YAY!)
• Faster Safari
• HTTP Streaming Audio and Video
• AutoFill in Safari (remembers user names and passwords…etc)
• Addition Language Support
• Find My iPhone (available to MobileMe users)
• HTML 5 Support

All Ready Knew About Features:

• Copy & Paste
• Push Notification
• SDK Upgrades
• Landscape View
• Picture Messaging
• In-App Purchase
• Peer-to-Peer Connectivity
• Embedding of Google Maps
• Spotlight Search
• Voice Memos
• New Options for Accessories
• Turn-by-Turn Directions
• Scaling Video Streaming
• Emailing Multiple Photos
• CalDav
• Notes Sync
• Stereo Bluetooth

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