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Google Friends Newsletter - September 2010


Gmail Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox helps you get through your email faster by putting important messages at the top of your inbox. Gmail uses a variety of signals to automatically identify what's important, including which messages you open and which you reply to. Incoming messages get separated into three customizable sections: "Important and unread," "Starred," and "Everything else." To try it out, click the Settings link in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail account and visit the Priority Inbox tab.


Google Instant

Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. Now, you get to the right content much faster—you don't have to finish typing your full search term or even press "Search." Use the results from what you've already typed as feedback to help you formulate a better search term, and adapt your search on the fly until the results match exactly what you want.

U.S. midterm ratings comparison map

Many people are interested in how the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans will shake out after the U.S. elections on November 2. We've worked with some of the top names in politics—Cook, Rothenberg, CQ-Roll Call and RealClearPolitics—to make it easier to track the daily changes in the political landscape on an interactive Google map.

Google Health updates

We've redesigned Google Health to make it easier for you to act on and understand your personal health information. A new easier-to-use dashboard brings together even more of your health and wellness information, and a new wellness features lets you set personal health and wellness goals for yourself and track your progress online. You can set customized trackers, like how much exercise you get a week or how much coffee you drink a day, and keep a journal on your progress. And if you select a wellness goal, condition, medication or topic you're tracking, you'll get relevant and customized news and information from Google search results and other trusted content.

New website for Google Earth

Our new website for Google Earth is one place to find everything you're looking for. The new site is loaded with lots of content including images, videos, tours, maps and tutorials on how to get started. Take a look and see all the ways you can explore the world around you.

Seven continents of Street View

We've added Street View imagery of Antarctica, Brazil and Ireland, so you can now explore all seven continents with Street View. See the famous beaches of Brazil, the rolling landscapes of Ireland, the icy terrain of Antarctica and other spots around the world from a street- level perspective. You may even spot some penguins!


Arcade Fire

"The Wilderness Downtown" is a musical experience made specifically for the browser, created by writer/director Chris Milk with the band Arcade Fire and Google. It's personalized to you, so it takes you down memory lane through the streets you grew up in, set to Arcade Fire's song "We Used to Wait." It was built with Google Chrome in mind and features the latest web technologies including HTML5, Google Maps, an integrated drawing tool and multiple browser windows that move around the screen.

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