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Fact collection (E)

Each banana plant bears only one stem of fruit. To  produce a new stem, only two shoots known as the daughter and the granddaughter  are allowed to grow and be cultivated from the main plant.
Each day, there are over 120 million sexual intercourse  taking place all over the world.thanx kim (Now dont you feel more contented each  night before you go to sleep ALONE)
Each human generates about 3.5 pounds of rubbish a day,  mostly paper.  
Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great  king from history. Spades King David, Clubs Alexander the Great, Hearts  Charlemagne, and Diamonds Julius Caesar.  
Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great  king from history: Spades = David ; Clubs = Alexander the Great ; Hearts =  Charlemagne ; Diamonds = Caesar  
Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great  king from history: Spades King David, Clubs Alexander the Great, Hearts  Charlemagne, Diamonds Julius Caesar.  
Each person's ears are unique.  
Each square inch of human skin consists of twenty feet  of blood vessels.
Each unit on the Richter Scale is equivalent to a power  factor of about 32. So a 6 is 32 times more powerful than a 5! Though it goes to  10, 9 is estimated to be the point of total tectonic destruction. 2 is the  smallest that can be felt unaided.  
Each year 50,000 earthquakes take place on this  planet.
 Each year approximately 250,000 American husbands  are physically attacked and beaten by their wives.  
Each year in America there are about 300,000 deaths  that can be attributed to obesity.  
Each year, insects eat 1/3 of the Earth's food  crop.
Earth's magnetic field has been weakening. It seems to  have lost 15% of its strength since 1670. At the present rate of decrease, it  will reach zero in 2,000 years. Between the years 3500 and 4500, the magnetic  field will not be sufficiently strong enough to ward off charged radiation from  outer space.
Easter is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon  after March 21.  
Eating breakfast will help you burn from 5-20% more  calories throughout the day.  
Eating large amounts of carrots will eventually turn  your skin orange because of the chemical substance called carotene which is  found in carrots. Carotene is the cause of the orange hue in leaves during the  fall.
Eddie Arcaro, one of the greatest jockeys in horse race  history, rode 250 losers before he won his first race. Ultimately, Arcaro won  4,779 races including five Derby winners, six in the Preakness, and six in the  Belmont Stakes, on such famous horses as Whirlaway, Citation, and Kelso.  
Edgar Allan Poe introduced mystery fiction's first  fictional detective, Auguste C. Dupin, in his 1841 story, "The Murders in the  Rue Morgue."  
Eggplant is a member of the thistle family.  
Eggs sink in water when they are fresh and float when  expired.  
Eight positions are mentioned in Abbott and Costello's  "Who's on First?" routine. Only right field was left out.
Einstein couldn't speak fluently when he was nine. His  parents thought he might be retarded.  
El Capitan in Yosemite National Park is the largest  visible granite rock in the world. It's twice the size of the Rock of  Gibraltar.
Eleanor Roosevelt wrote David O. Selznick to ask that  her maid, Lizzy McDuffy, be considered for the role of Mammy in Gone With the  Wind.  
Electrical stimulation of certain areas of the brain  has been proven to revive long-lost memories.
Elephant tusks grow throughout an elephant's life and  can weigh more than 200 pounds. Among Asian elephants, only the males have  tusks. Both sexes of African elephants have tusks.
Elephants are capable of swimming 20 miles in one  day.
Elephants are the only Mammals that can't jump.  
Elephants can communicate using sounds that are below  the human hearing range: between 14 and 35 hertz.
Elephants can't jump.
Elephants only sleep for two hours each day.  
Elephants produce 50 pounds of manure every  day.
Elephants, horses, and camels all descended from  animals that originally came from North America, despite their present homes in  Eurasia.
Elizabeth the First suffered from anthophobia (a fear  of roses).  
Elton John and The Beach Boys are tied for the record  for the longest gap between number one hit singles in the United States. Both  waited 21 years, 11 months.
Elvis had a twin brother named Aaron, who died at  birth, which is why Elvis' middle name was spelled Aron: in honor of his  brother. It is also misspelled on his tomb stone.  
Elvis had a twin brother named Garon, who died at  birth, which is why Elvis middle name was spelled Aron, in honor of his brother.  
Elvis Presley made his first appearance on national  television in 1956. He sang Blue Suede Shoes and Heartbreak Hotel on "The Dorsey  Brothers Show."
Elwood Edwards did the voice for the AOL sound files  ( i.e. "You've got Mail!"). He is heard about 27 million times a day. The  recordings were done before Quantum changed its name to AOL and the program was  known as "Q-Link."  
E-mails started in 1971. Ray Tomlinson is it's DADDY!!  and the first e-mail was sent WRITTEN ENTIRELY IN UPPER CASE.
Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards, and are on  the Australian coat of arms for that reason.  
Emus cannot walk backwards.
Emus have double plumed feathers and they lay  emerald/forest green eggs.  
Engelbert Humperdinck's real name is Gerry Dorsey. He  didn't make that name up, though. It originally belonged to the 1800s German  musician who wrote the opera Hansel and Gretel.  
England and the American colonies adopted the Gregorian  calendar on September 14th, 1752. 11 days disappeared.  
England once had a Prime Minister who was only 24 years  old. He was William Pitt, elected in 1783.  
England's King Edward VII gave a large diamond tiara to  Wallis Warfield Simpson as a wedding gift. Simpson was the woman for whom Edward  VII abdicated the throne for.
England's Stonehenge is 1500 years older than Rome's  Colosseum.  
English traders introduced opium to China to create a  market for the drug. They then traded silver for opium to help pay other Chinese  traders for their tea.  
Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were all once  the lead guitarist for the English band the Yardbirds in the 1960's.  
Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a novel, "Gadsby", which  contains over 50,000 words, not a single word contained the letter "E."  
 Europe has no deserts, it is the only continent  without one.  
Evard Ericksen sculpted "The Little Mermaid" statue  which is located in Copenhagen harbor.  
Even if you cut off a cockroach's head, it can live for  several weeks.  
Even though they broke up 25 years ago, the Beatles  continue to sell more records each year than the Rolling Stones.
Even when all the molecules in a single breath of air  have been dispersed evenly in the earth's atmosphere, there will still be one or  two of the same ones taken into the lungs with every subsequent breath. Every  time you breathe in, you inhale one or two of the same molecules that you  inhaled with the first breath you took as a baby.  
Ever wonder how Swiss cheese is made? As the cheese  ferments, a bacterial action generates gas. As the gas is liberated, it bubbles  through the cheese, leaving all those holes.
Everest is not the tallest mountain. Mauna Kea Mountain  in the Hawaiian Island is 230m taller. It is 4201m above water and 4877  underwater! Everest is only 8848m.
Every 14 years, Saturn's rings become briefly invisible  to astronomers on Earth. At that time, the plane of the rings is tipped to that  of the Earth's orbit, and they are seen edge-on. Since the ring's are so thin,  they can't be seen at that angle.
Every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to take a  bath at least once a year.  
Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the  US Treasury.  
Every day, 7% of the US eats at McDonald's.  
Every eleven years the magnetic poles of the sun  switch. This cycle is called "Solarmax".  
Every human spent about half an hour as a single  cell.
Every man in Brainerd, Minnesota is required by law to  grow a beard.
Every person has a unique eye and tongue  print.
Every person, including identical twins, has a unique  eye and tongue print along with their finger print.  
Every queen named Jane has either been murdered,  imprisoned, gone mad, died young, or been dethroned.
Every square inch of the human body has an average of  32 million bacteria on it.
Every Swiss citizen is required by law to have a bomb  shelter or access to a bomb shelter.  
Every ten minutes, another plant or animal life form  becomes extinct.  
Every time Beethoven sat down to write music, he poured  ice water over his head.  
Every time the moon's gravity causes a ten-foot tide at  sea, all the continents on earth rise at least six inches.
Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a  calorie.  
Every US president has worn glasses (just not always in  public).  
Every year 4 people in the UK die putting their  trousers on.  
Every year 8,000 people injure themselves while using a  tooth pick.  
Every year, $1.5 billion is spent on pet food. This is  four times the amount spent on baby food.
Every year, Mexico City sinks about 10 inches.  
Every year, surgical tools are left in approximately  1,500 patients in the USA. Fatter patients are more prone to having a surgical  tool left inside of them due to the additional amount of space in their  bodies.
Everyday, more money is printed for Monopoly sets than  for the U.S. Treasury.  
Everyone in the Middle Ages believed -as Aristotle had  -that the heart was the seat of intelligence.
Everyone is colorblind at birth
Everyone knows that the U.S. gold depository is in Fort  Knox, Kentucky. But nobody seems to know that the U.S. silver depository is at  West Point, New York.  
Everyone thought Albert Einstein suffered from  dyslexia, because he couldn't speak properly until he was 9 years old.  
Except for 2 and 3, every prime number will eventually  become divisible by 6 if you either add or subtract 1 from the number. For  example, the number 17, plus 1, is divisible by 6. The number 19, minus 1, is  also divisible by 6
Experiments have shown that, ants are capable of  lifting 50 times their own weight and pulling loads 300 times their own  weight.

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