Sabtu, Oktober 01, 2005

musikCube 1.0 RC1 release

about musikCube:

musikCube is much more than an "mp3 player," it is a music "library." musikCube currently supports mp3, ogg, ape, flac, and cd audio file formats. Additional audio formats are supported via plugins. It also features an integrated cd ripper helping you take control of your music from the start. musikCube tries to stay as intuitive and attractive as possible without degrading the performance of your computer. We believe very strongly that your mp3 player should NOT exist only to be eye candy, but be a functional, cohesive part of your operating system. musikCube is the vanilla audio player for windows.

musikCube features include:
  • very low memory footprint
  • clean and intuitive user interface
  • blazing fast navigation
  • fully drag and drop compatible
  • powerful batch tagging
  • an integrated cross fader
  • an integrated cd ripper
To see a screenshot of musikCube in action, click image.

musikCube supports windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server.

what's new in this release:

  • - new installer. props to insomnia.
  • - fixed the random icon
  • - fixed the path synchronization conflict resolution routine
  • - fixed --nographics mode for new now playing layout
  • - fixed balloon corruption up on very long song titles
  • - fixed item selection behavior while searching or renaming an item.
  • - fixed auto capitalize for words starting with (,{,[ characters
  • - BatchChgCaseTask.h/.cpp: 50% less stupid
  • - fixed Alt+T for "Tags" menu not working properly
  • - Always on Top shortcut key changed from Alt+T to Alt+Shift+T
  • - fixed Repeat Single
  • - added thumbs to the slider controls
  • - made the time slider much smoother (no longer jumps around)
  • - fixed weird "click to set time twice without moving mouse" bug
  • - 'Play Next' changed to 'Queue as Next' in context menus
  • - added File -> Online Help to take user to musikCube's Wiki
  • - Tag From Filename no longer obliterates other tags in the database
  • - fixed slider control overdraw
  • - fixed WallaTu's Tag From Filename bug
  • - fixed a bug in the TaskQueue
  • - fixed synchronization bug
  • - fixed a memory leak in RemoveOldTask
  • - fixed bug where net radio filename couldn't be edited.
  • - fixed 'first track in playlist skipped' bug
  • - fixed long run random bug
  • - fixed threading glitch where progress would start at 99%, then drop to 0% and proceed normally.
  • - "File not found" now displayed in tag edit dialog if the current file is missing or offline.
  • - revamped about box
  • - removed mcAmp from distribution. will be available separately.
  • - sqlite upgraded from 3.2.2 to 3.2.6
  • - taglib upgraded from 1.3.1 to 1.4
~website: musikCube
~download: FileForum, musikCube

\\_because I always looking for extreamly low memory footprint application. ;-)

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