Isnin, Mac 14, 2016

Because of people like you, the rest of us have to suffer

Because of people like you, the rest of us have to suffer

The sad reality of the Muslims. Generally as humans we tend to not like taking the blame but rather shift the blame onto others.

So let's put some accusations into its true context.

Let those who accuse the believers realise what they are saying.

"O Muhammad SAW!

Because of you, the believers in Quraish suffered persecution and torture".

Because of You O Rasoolullah, Sumayya and Ammaar were killed.

Because of you, the people had split ranks and families had disunited.

Because of you, new laws and measures were imposed.

Because of you, the rest of us had to flee our homes.

O brothers and sisters, contemplate for a moment.

Why are you so adamant to bend backwards to please the kuffar. Didn't Allaah tell us,

"And the Jews and Christians will NEVER be pleased with YOU until you follow THEIR way of life".

So let's not blame the believers for being the cause of problems.

Blame your moderate selves. You in the majority are the cause for violent assaults on this Ummah.

You the majority are the reason why new laws are implemented.

As for the believers, then they are happy with these trials because of the words of Allaah,

"Do people think they will be left alone because they say 'we believe' and not be tested. And We indeed tested those before them. And will make it known those who are truthful and those who are the liars" ~Surah al Ankaboot verse 2-3

The conflict between truth and falsehood will remain until the truth is established.

So to blame the kafir for causing harm would be wrong because they are doing what the suppose to. In short the kafir is being a kafir. That's not the problem. The actual problem is the Muslims are not doing what they suppose to be doing except a few.

This reminds me of a brother who once said to be before going prison, "These foolish people think they can wear a suit on, style their hair, put nice perfume and then go to the sea and not get wet. On top of that complain about being drenched in water".

Wallaah, very wise words.

What he meant was how do you claim to be a Muslim living amongst the kuffar and expect not to face any problems. And on top of that complain about the few Muslims who are standing up for Islam.

So my brothers and sister remove your love for them and defend your brothers and sisters atleast verbally.

(Na'eema Muhammad)


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