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🔶 Conditions of Jilbāb

🔶 Conditions of Jilbāb:

  1. It covers the whole body except what has been allowed [The Shaykh held the view that the hands and face are not obligatory to cover]
  2. It is not an adornment in of itself
  3. It is thick and not transparent
  4. It is loose and not tight
  5. It is not perfumed
  6. It does not resemble the clothing of men
  7. It does not resemble the clothing of the disbelieving women
  8. It is not worn for fame [i.e. to show oneself and impress the people]

📚 Jilbāb ul-Mar'atil Muslimah of Shaykh Albāni رحمه الله pg.223
✒Abū Ruqayyah 'Abd us-Samad

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