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Fav from flickr: Analog ‘A’ in Lego

I just unlocked the "Libya Revolution" badge

Muka ngantuk

Khabsa chicken rice with Rich apple malt drinks for lunch

Fav from flickr: Happy birthday Steve Jobs! (A mosaic portrait for the Los Angeles Times)

Uniknya Anjung Semarak USM

Pokok apa ni? Elok je menjulang ke atas

Arabian cheese

Fav from flickr: fadeaway details

Fav from flickr: Think Before You Throw

Link of the day (weekly)

Skill mendongak Eryna

Fav from flickr: 10219 Maersk Train

USM vs Terengganu

Which country have the most number of prisoners

Complete LEGO Minifigs Swatch

Malaysia broadband download speed compare with other country

How to unlocked Century Club badge on Foursquare

Tag Heuer Carrera

National Geographic magazine February 2011

Salam Maulidur Rasul

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I'm at Masjid Al Malik Khalid USM


Link of the day 02/10/2011

The Best of (arwah) Shamrin & Fotograf

Link of the day 02/09/2011

Salah parking

I just unlocked the "Maven Pro" badge

Kuasa Facebook runtuhkan Regim Mubarak

Link of the day 02/08/2011

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Hot sunny day in Penang

Eryna learning to stand up

Fav from flickr: Three for the road

Aktiviti cuti CNY

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