Sabtu, Mei 28, 2005 - Irresistible Headlines - Twins Give Birth On Same Day - Irresistible Headlines - Twins Give Birth On Same Day: "Twins Give Birth On Same Day
One Delivers Boy, One Has Girl

POSTED: 2:15 pm CDT May 27, 2005

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Twin sisters Rachel Haak and Rebecca Bradstreet found out they were pregnant on the same day.

So it's only fitting that the 28-year-old women gave birth on the same day in the same Rochester hospital.

The sisters both delivered their firstborn on Wednesday at Rochester General Hospital. Haak delivered a son early that morning. Bradstreet gave birth to a girl in the afternoon.

Haak said she called her sister several months ago to tell her she was pregnant. Bradstreet then ran out, got her own pregnancy test and called back to reveal that she, too, was expecting.

The sisters decided to both give birth at Rochester General, where Haak works as an occupational therapist, because it would be easier on their family.

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