Selasa, Julai 05, 2005

Gecko 1.8b3 / Deer Park alpha 2 schedule

Christopher Beard sends the following update on the upcoming branching and release schedule (also posted to n.p.m.seamonkey on Jun 28, 7:28 pm):

We are currently planning to ship Gecko 1.8 beta 3 and Deer Park alpha 2 early next week. We hope to be essentially done with work for these releases by Thursday, June 30th. Thus, starting on Thursday, drivers
intend to become much more restrictive in granting trunk approval requests (and we’ll also be a little more restrictive between now and then).

To nominate a bug for consideration as blocking these alpha/beta releases, please set the blocking1.8b3 flag to ?.

Overall release status and schedule is being updated at Firefox:1.1 Product Team -

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