Selasa, Julai 26, 2005

Honda Civic Concept 2005

The next generation Civic Concept is shown in the form of a 5-door hatchback. The sculpted design implies a more sporty direction for Honda’s best ever selling model. The 8th generation promises to deliver class exceeding performance as well as high fuel efficiency across all engines, which will take the model into ''Premium'' C-segment in Europe.

Honda believes that the next Civic will set new standards in the ever demanding C segment, particularly in the premium sector. Wider and lower than the current Civic, the new model will continue to be built in Honda’s European manufacturing plant in Swindon, UK. The award winning i-CTDi engine will be part of the Civic line-up and will be assembled at the UK factory. Power output for the Civic i-CTDi is expected to be a class leading 140 PS with a maximum torque of 340 Nm. In addition to the new i-CTDi engine, there will also be petrol engine variants.

Honda´s intention of moving the new Civic into a more sporty, emotional and fun to drive direction is clear from the concept car on display. New engines will provide class exceeding performance in all areas and it is a firm belief that the next generation will set new standards for the C-segment.

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