Rabu, Oktober 26, 2005

Adobe Reader Speed-Up 1.33

Adobe Reader Speed-Up significantly decreases the amount of time required for Adobe Reader to start by disabling most of the least used plugins. Plugins can be freely enabled and disabled, if required. Adobe Reader Speed-Up was created in an effort to automate the process of speeding up Adobe Reader's launch time by disabling the majority of plugins that are, quite franky, completely useless for most users.

Since v1.20, ARSU stores unused plugins in the Optional folder of Acrobat/Reader. This means that when a PDF is viewed and Acrobat/Reader requires a plugin for full functionality, it'll be loaded automatically for that particular PDF only.

Download: Adobe Reader Speed-Up 1.33 | 214KB (Freeware)
Screenshot: Click here
View: Developer Homepage

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