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FileForum | musikCube 1.0 RC2

FileForum | musikCube:
musikCube is much more than an "mp3 player," it is a music library. It currently supports mp3, ogg, flac, and cd audio file formats. It also features an integrated cd ripper helping you take control of your music from the start. musikCube tries to stay as intuitive and attractive as possible without degrading the performance of your computer. We believe very strongly that your mp3 player should not exist only to be eye candy, but be a functional, cohesive part of your operating system. It is the vanilla audio player for Windows.
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* Added: installer now downloads additional format plugins from the internet when selected
* Added: users can now physically copy songs to devices by means of drag and drop: simply grab a group of songs and drop them on the device
* Added: drop feedback when dragging items over items in the sources control
* Added: drop feedback when rearranging playlist items
* Added: "at" to default auto-capitalize list
* Changed: separated core_Internal.dll into core_mp3.dll, core_ogg.dll, core_flac.dll, core_net.dll, core_cdda
* Changed: default song highlight color
* Changed: layout of batch retag dialog
* Fixed: mini player to always display correct song
* Fixed: some glitches when mixing songs with different libraries in Now Playing
* Fixed: the infamous 'tunage hanging' problem
* Fixed: bug where playlist highlighting was ignored
* Fixed: search results are now ordered properly
* Fixed: database would not load if there were certain characters in the username
* Fixed: devices are now listed in the same order they appear in explorer
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