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Google Friends Newsletter - October 2005

Google Friends Newsletter
October 2005

Welcome to the October roundup of tips, how-to's and new Google developments. You'll find details on subscribing or canceling your subscription to this newsletter at the bottom of this message.

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Power Tips

* So you ran how far? Google Earth enables you to measure distances -- feet, yards, miles, and more. Follow the directions in the Measure window under Tools in the Google Earth application, as indicated here:

* Attention Mac users: You can use Gmail Notifier for Mac OS X! See new messages as they arrive and access Gmail without opening a browser. The Gmail Notifier for Macs even supports plug-in development.

Recent Google Launches

Firefox Toolbar - out of beta
Firefox fans will enjoy the brand new Google Toolbar optimized for your favorite browser. It includes Google Suggest, which completes words as you're typing, plus the ability to customize the layout of your Toolbar - popular among Firefoxers.

Google Earth + National Geographic
Dive deep into Google Earth through a new layer of information based on National Geographic stories and photos from across Africa. And these include Michael Fay's incredible "Megaflyover" photos, multimedia resources, and even a live "WildCam" at a watering hole in Botswana!

Personalized Homepage - out of Labs
We heard your feedback on the Personalized Homepage option, and so now we're taking it from beta to full product release. For those keen on adding information they want to see when they come to Google, the Personalized Homepage enables you to add your favorite news sources, weather, stock and movie information. Sign in to your Google Account, or get one and then get going.

Google Blog Search
This blogging thing has clearly taken off - but how do you find what bloggers are writing about? Google Blog Search delivers Google-fast search results across blogs in many languages, regardless of where they are hosted or written. You can search by topic, URL, keywords, or even restrict your search to specific blogs or date ranges.

Google Reader
Spend your time reading what you care about most.  Google Reader automatically gets the latest news and updates for your favorite sites. You can also use Reader to discover new content you don't want to miss and share interesting items with friends.


We get a steady stream of mail at the Googleplex - fan mail, suggestions, and of course some complaints too. Our favorite messages are stories that users send in about Google helping them - often in ways we could never imagine. Like Howard of Boca Raton, Florida, who wrote us about his baby boy, Andrew (a twin, with a sister named Carly). But one day Howard and his wife Melissa found themselves in an ER with Andrew, now aged one month, and were told that he needed a blood transfusion right away. Transfusions can be dangerous for babies, and Howard wanted more information. He used his Treo 600 smart phone - with a weak battery, no less - to search on Google for "hemoglobin - premature infant" and the top result was a medical report on the fact that transfusions in this situation weren't required. He shared the reference with the doctors, they pursued a bit more research, and then - agreed with the parents that no transfusion was necessary.
Read more and see a photo of the babies here:

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