Sending Blogger some Birthday Cheer

Sending Blogger some Birthday Cheer: "by Brian Shih, Google Reader Team

If you use Google Reader to keep track of all the interesting Blogger blogs you're following, you might have run across something you really wanted to share on your blog. With Reader's new Send To feature, we've made it easier than ever to do this. Just head over to Reader's settings page and enable Blogger from the list of services:

Now, when you want to send a post to Blogger, simply click the "Send to" button and choose Blogger. If you're into keyboard shortcuts, "shift-t" will do the same. We'll send you over to Blogger with everything you need to write about the post. And that's it! We hope this makes it easier for you to blog about things you read in Reader - if you have feedback, please head over to our help group, Twitter, or Get Satisfaction.

This is one of many features announced as part of Blogger's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday!"

This features makes people more lazy and forget about copyright.

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