Khamis, Januari 05, 2017

Social Media Trend in 2017

  1. Social Messaging
  2. Authentic Content (live video)
  3. The rise of emoji usage in formal content
  1. Don't go overboard. You shouldn't be using emojis regularly. Using them all of the time could annoy others and muddle your message.
  2. Know your audience. Consider your company's corporate culture and your relationship with those with whom you are communicating. While including a thumbs-up icon in an email to work friend might be fine, doing so when sending messages to company leaders could easily be frowned upon.
  3. Assess the situation. Using emoticons when discussing serious issues can appear awkward or rude. It's best to leave emojis completely out of those types of communications.
  4. Know your emojis. Today, there are hundreds of different emojis and emoticons. If you are going to use one, be sure not only that you know what it means, but that the person receiving it will understand the message as well. The last thing you want is for an emoji to be taken the wrong way.
  5. Use your words. If you aren't 100 percent sure that using an emoji will get your point across, leave it out and focus on your words. Either write out what you want to say, or have an in-person or phone conversation to discuss the topic.- See more at:

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