Ahad, Oktober 01, 2017

­čĺíStories of the Sahabah: Khabbab & Umm Ammar

The Quraish were maddened by his steadfastness and endurance; therefore they decided to seek the help of his former slave mistress Umm Ammar, who became khabbab's principal torturer. For instance, she used to place burning iron on khabbab's head. One day, the prophet (s.a.w) saw his head burned and blackened by the hot iron. His heart was full of sympathy and anguish, but there was nothing that he could do at that time but to supplicate to Allah to grant him patiance and strengthen his faith. Thus the prophet raised his hands and supplicated "Allah ,make khabbab victorious over the disbelieving people".

Allah brought it about a few days later. Retaliation befell Umm Ammar,she suffered a peculiar acute rabies attack that made her, according to historians, bark like a dog. At that time she was told, the only cure for her ordeal was to cauterize her head. Finally her stubborn head was burned day and night with burning iron.



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