Selasa, April 19, 2005 is a free, ad-supported, reference search service, created to provide you with instant answers on over a million topics. As opposed to standard search engines that serve up a list of links for you to follow, displays quick, snapshot answers with concise, reliable information. Our editors take our content from over 100 authoritative encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries and atlases, carefully chosen for breadth and quality. For ultimate convenience, install 1-Click AnswersTM software, and click on any word in any document on your screen for "Answers at your Fingertips". is the next-generation product of the GuruNet Corporation, which leverages its patented "Answer Engine" technology to bring instant answers to millions of internet users around the globe. Thousands of dedicated fans have submitted terrific feedback over the years, and is the result of their suggestions and requests.

Founded in 1999 by Bob Rosenschein, GuruNet Corporation is traded on the American Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "GRU". Visit our corporate site for GuruNet Investor Relations.

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