Selamat tinggal 2008

Shahid in #gaza

MIC leader hospitalised after kick on jaw

One year in 40 seconds

Free call on january 01, 2009

Israel airstrike operation on #gaza strip

Get live update from #gaza using twitter search

Another honda civic facelift

Selamat menyambut Awal Muharam 1430 hijrah

4 wheeled bike

JARING cover-up UKM with Wi-Fi

Fav from flickr

Infolient Broadband - new broadband provider in town

Mari mengumpul telur

Yngwie Malmsteen's - Perpetual Flame - 2008 (full album download)

Create your own flake

Mangsa bomoh berlidah setan

White gold plated Benz

Before and after been jailed

Fav from flickr

Dark Moor - Autumnal - 2009 (tracklist + mp3 sample)

Skid Row - Breakin' Down

Can you throw a shoe at bush? (games)

Bloons tower defense 3 (games)

Windows 7 desktop wallpaper

Twitter new widget

Fav from flickr

Lets hit george bush with shoes! (games)

More female from malaysia active on facebook compare to male

Bizarre assassin spiders from madagascar

'Half-shell' helmets to be banned

Kaspersky anti-virus alert

Selamat malam

George bush already prepare for it

Full Moon at Dominican Republic

Full Moon at Perigee

The Duchess

Rare spoiler for your car

3rd days collage

Kiss making first album since 1998 - Yahoo! News

Kenapa office ni dalam KL bukan Selangor?

Anak buah no. 4

ada2aje: Korban - The Process

Sup tulang - omak eden masak

Fav from flickr

Salam dari New Zealand..

Selamat hari raya aidiladha

Copy & paste

What cat learn from hamster

SYM - SYMBA inspiring Honda Cub